DEAFinitely Inclusive


DEAFinitely Inclusive

DEAFinitely Inclusive allows organisations involved in promoting and delivering sports and education opportunities for deaf people to come together and build the relationships to create more chances to play, coach and volunteer in sport.

In conjunction with the development of UK Deaf Sport’s brand identity and online presence¬†we also assisted the association with the production of their new initiative DEAFinitely Inclusive.

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Brand Identity

Our goal was to create an identity that spoke for the initiative’s brand ethos. The two people celebrating, enclosed in an ear shape together,¬†represent the positive culture that DEAFinitely Inclusive creates within the deaf sporting community.

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DEAFinitely Inclusive’s mission is to allow organisations to promote and deliver sports education and opportunities to the deaf community. Their website has a strong focus on Club Locations, Upcoming Events and News. Users are able to use the bespoke Club Finder and the up-to-date events listings to find out more information about local clubs and events.

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