ADOsquad Team Member Focus – Scott Tyzack

A few years ago, just a mere whipper snapper, Scott Tyzack joined us for a weeks work experience.

Back then we were just a two man band in a tiny office with a kitchen that smelled a bit like feet. Scott did a grand job and we were sad to see him go as he made his way back to Leeds to complete his studies.

Two years later, he has returned to us! a little older, a little wiser and complete with a degree in multimedia technology. He has been working very hard in our now slightly bigger studio, with a slightly fresher kitchen and slightly larger team – The ADOsquad as we like to refer to ourselves (it makes us feel good)

Making his way as a junior designer, Scott has taken to the role with aplomb and we are starting to wonder what we did without him.

We decided to make the most of his time here today and badger him to answer a few questions for the blog. Here are the results…

Q. So Scott, what made you want to be a designer?

A. Well, I took the course at Leeds Met because I’ve always loved computers, but I was never really interested in the technical side of them. I was always more focused on the internet and the visual aspects of how websites looked and performed.

Q. OK, so what inspires you visually?

A. Typography. Anytime I see a really cool piece of typographical design, I wonder how I could use that idea and work it into something else. 

Some of Scott’s typography inspired poster designs

Q. Would you say that is part of your research process?

A. hmmm yeah. My design process usually includes a bit of research on the web, then when I have found my inspiration I like to just get stuck in and try out every idea I came across until I find one that I feel works the best.

I always try to get some feedback from a number of different people to see what their thoughts are. There are always plenty of people in the studio happy to give their opinion!

Scott designed our new avatar, you may have seen it dotted about on our social pages

Q. Best things in life?

A. Budweiser, my mac book pro, festivals and my girlfriend, Sammie. – (all together now, Ahhhh)

Q. Now you’ve joined the ranks of the working masses, what do you miss the most about student life?

A. It’s got to be the drinking (typical student) The Macclesfield nightlife just doesn’t cut the mustard in comparison to Leeds.

Q. Ah yes, the drinking. It’s no wonder you fit in so well here. What are your favourite things about working in ADO towers?

Great people, great working atmosphere and the fact that I’ve got no travel expenses (cheers mum!)

Q. And the worst?

The stairs, so many stairs!

A website banner design for First & Only Airsoft

Well, we hope you have enjoyed today’s little insight in to the world of ADOmedia. Our squadron members love what they do (despite the stairs) and that’s what keeps us all going. We love fresh perspectives, innovation and creativity. Our team is growing and our capabilities are expanding.

Keep checking the blog and social pages for more updates about our team, our work and what we are getting up to. If you are looking for a work placement, get in touch. Like Scott, you might just be able to become an honorary ADOsquad member.