Carers In The Home: Branding & Website Design

Back in June 2013 Carers In The Home approached us to help them establish a visual identity and an online presence.

Firstly, we looked at what makes Carers In The Home different from other care services. Carers In The Home assist people looking for both care and care work so it was important that their overall identity worked universally.


We opted for a type based approach using the leg of the second “R” in “Carers” to wrap around the “S” to subtly convey the idea of support and trust without being patronising or condescending to those who may require care.

Using the newly established branding we provided the Carers In The Home team with a full stationery suite including business cards and letterheads.


Using the colour scheme established in the initial branding process we created a simple to use, function based website that can be used by people of all ages and abilities.


Carers in the Home’s main aim is to facilitate safe online introductions between senior people requiring care and care givers. We provided an advanced search function that allows users to connect with people based on location, requirements and availability. We then implemented a secure messaging service that allows users to connect safely without the need to release any personal information until they are ready to do so.

Working closely with the Carers In The Home team we have created a safe and secure place for people requiring care and care givers to connect and build trusting relationships.