Daily Inspiration

As many of you will be aware, since the end of July we’ve been running a little inspiration project on our Twitter page. The aptly named #dailyinspiration series was our way of helping other creatives kick start their day by sharing an article or piece of work that’s inspired us.

We aimed to post 1 a day and on Monday shared our 100th post, which we agreed was the perfect ending to the project. Some of the work that we’ve featured includes this awesome Batmobile illustration project by David Lo (@flnz) and the stunning “Through a Glass Darkly” photography series by Nick Turpin (@NickTurpin).


About half way through the project we were finding it was rather annoying having to scroll through our feed to try and find previous posts. We came up with the idea of setting up a website where we could showcase all 100 to make it easier to browse what we had already covered. This is when seenby.adomedia.co.uk was created.


We found that a simple, grid based layout with a smooth and fluid hover state on the posts would work best. The fully responsive site also has the ability for users to post comments on their favourite piece. If you haven’t already, why not take a look for yourself at seenby.adomedia.co.uk.

So, whether you’re looking for some inspiration for you latest photography project or just need a push in the right direction for your next illustration, head over to seenby.adomedia.co.uk and have a good old nosy around.