eBay ‘Colour Swatch’ Fashion App

Online retail giant, Ebay, have rolled out an impressive update to it’s fashion app available for iOS devices. This update allows shoppers to source items which match any colour or pattern using ‘Image Swatch’ technology. Shoppers can upload an image of a fabric, colour or pattern, perhaps a friends outfit, a piece of art or even a wallpaper design and quickly find items that have a matching colour or pattern.

Melanie Smallwood, UK Head of Fashion Brands for eBay, said: “The latest eBay Fashion app takes shopping one step further by allowing people to search for designer, branded and vintage merchandise at the moment of inspiration whenever and wherever they are. Whether it is a unique pattern or a colour that is to die for, the eBay Image Swatch will allow people to target their search like never before, truly reflecting their individual style.”

eBay has become the UK’s largest online fashion marketplace attracting larger brands such as French Connection and House of Fraser to sell their wares directly through the site. eBay state that an item is sold every second through their site via a mobile device, with fashion topping the rankings for most searched category. eBay’s mobile apps are available in more than 190 countries in eight languages, and have been downloaded over 78 million times globally.

Pretty impressive stuff for a web concept which initially started as an outlet to trade Pez candy dispensers!