Terms and Conditions – Hosting

Permissible content

  • All content uploaded to your ADOmedia hosting service, including dedicated and VDS servers, must conform to UK law. It is the user’s sole responsibility to ensure this.
  • Sites must not contain ‘hateful’ material or content which seeks to incite hate.
  • Sites must not contain images, videos, depictions or descriptions of pornography which is unlawful in the UK or which is deemed to be distasteful at the sole discretion of ADOmedia.
  • Sites must not contain ‘warez’, copyrighted music/videos or links to such content. It is the sole responsibility of the user to ensure that they have the rights to distribute any content displayed on their website.
  • Sites must conform to UK copyright law.

Limitation of liability

ADOmedia makes no assertion that the service is fit for any specific purpose and as such cannot accept any liability for any consequential losses which may arise through a client’s use of the service or from any disruption or unavailability of the service. ADOmedia’s liability under this agreement will not exceed the total amount paid for the service.

ADOmedia will use its best endeavours to ensure the service complies with the service level agreement of 99.9% uptime.

Bulk e-mail

Bulk e-mail is not permitted through the ADOmedia systems without prior authorisation. Bulk e-mail is defined as any message sent to more than 250 recipients at any one time. Users wishing to exceed this limit must contact ADOmedia with a sample of the content prior to sending. Unsolicited e-mail is not permitted under any circumstances and will result in immediate termination of the user’s account.

Scripting and software

It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that any 3rd party software uploaded to their hosting account is up to date with security patches and free from any vulnerabilities which might allow it to be exploited by a malicious 3rd party to send unsolicited bulk e-mail or perform any other activity which contravenes our T&Cs. Users are solely responsible for any such action.

If not specifically stated to the contrary, our services are intended to be used for the purposes of hosting websites and e-mail. Batch processing, video encoding/transcoding, web crawling/spidering, archiving and online backup systems and any system designed to consume CPU or disk resources for purposes other than hosting a website are not permitted on our shared hosting servers. However you may use such tools on a VDS or dedicated server.

Any user who is operating software which is written in an inefficient manner and, at the discretion of ADOmedia staff, seen to be making inefficient use of CPU or disk resources will be asked to optimise the script or migrate to a dedicated server or VDS.

Additionally, scripts which make bulk postings to other websites, forums and blogs are specifically and strictly prohibited.

Proxy servers

Open proxy servers are not permitted under any circumstances and will result in immediate termination of service.

Abuse of the service

Unless permission is specifically granted by ADOmedia staff, users may not use the service for purposes other than hosting a website and providing an e-mail service. It is not permitted to use any of our shared hosting products as an external database server to drive a website hosted on another provider’s system, except on a temporary basis to facilitate the migration of a website to ADOmedia and only with prior approval from ADOmedia support. ADOmedia reserves the right to suspend service at its sole discretion if the website’s traffic pattern causes degradation of service to other users.

The Customer will cooperate with the following acceptable use policy: we do not generally expect users to exceed 50GB of data transfers in a month. Usage over 50GB of the combined upload and download data transfers in a month will be charged retrospectively at £ 4.99/GB/month.

Contravention of Terms and Conditions by the user

If our terms and conditions detailed above are breached then the user shall be notified initially by e-mail and instructed to remove the offending content or cease the offending activity. If the user does not comply a second warning will be issued. After 48 hours the user’s service will be suspended until such time that they contact us.

In the event of a serious or intentional breach of the T&Cs (such as illegal content being hosted or any activity which could disrupt the service of other users on the system or make ADOmedia subject to litigation) ADOmedia reserve the right to terminate the user’s account immediately and without refund.

Denial of service

ADOmedia makes no guarantee to defend a customer’s website from a denial of service attack unless that service has been specifically offered and agreed.

Refunds and cancellations:

Domain name registrations and renewals cannot be refunded or cancelled under any circumstances.

ADOmedia does not guarantee that any domain name you attempt to register through us is available for registration. While we make every effort to ensure that our information is correct, in extreme circumstances we may be forced to refund your payment and cancel the order.

ADOmedia will not take part in any dispute over the ownership of an internet domain or an individual or company’s right to use it. We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to suspend or cancel a domain name registration.

Users registering a domain name through ADOmedia.co.uk are subject to the terms and conditions of the relevant domain name authority. Users are solely responsible for adhering to these rules. In the event that a customer fails to comply with the regulations regarding the registration and use of a domain name, UK Webhosting Ltd. reserves the right to cancel the registration without issuing a refund.

All services (domain registrations, hosting and servers) are billed on a recurring basis. A renewal invoice is raised automatically, 30 days prior to the renewal date. If you do not wish to renew a particular service, you must contact us before the invoice due date otherwise to avoid deletion of your site and emails your service will rollover and continue for the term detailed in your renewal invoice. Renewal invoices which have been paid (either manually or automatically via a card on file) cannot be refunded.

This does not affect your statutory rights under UK law.

Storing of information

ADOmedia stores all information given during signup in our database as a means of easy retrieval of account details for domain registrations, as well as a means of contact with you, the customer. By creating an account you agree to all information you submit being kept on file. We may send you periodic mailings, electronic or otherwise, to update you on the status of the service or to advise you of new features or products.

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

At ADOmedia, we own and operate our own high specification servers and multi-homed BGP network from our private suite in an industry-leading datacentre. We are so confident in our systems that we are pleased to be able to offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee. This is a promise that in any given month, your website (http service) will be unavailable for no more than 0.1% of the time – approximately 43 minutes (excluding any planned maintenance). If we fail to meet this target, you will receive a free month of service (upon application).

The uptime of the web service is checked at 5 minute intervals by our own internal monitoring system.