Twitter and Google to include tweets in search results

This may not seem like big news but it could have massive implications for your business and its online exposure.

Currently Google focuses very heavily on new content on your website (news, blogs etc) and effectively social media should be used to push traffic to your site, but unfortunately social media is often operated within its own little bubble. So if someone isn’t following your business on twitter they only get to hear about you on the off chance that someone they are following retweets something.

This problem is further exacerbated by Facebook where even the people who like/follow you don’t always see what you’re posting (general rule of thumb is a 1-2% reach, so for every 100 likes you have 1-2 of those people will see what you post). This is there to push you into Facebook’s business model of promoted posts and adverts, but that’s another blog for another time.

Anyway back to twitter, it’s very easy for things to be shared and spread but it’s very of the moment. Rarely does anyone check or share a tweet from several months or years ago. Google search results could change this.

If your tweets start coming up against searches, this could massively increase your exposure and potentially reduce the requirement to write lots of time consuming blogs, it most certainly will have impact on your google ranking.

At the very least advertisers on twitter will have to be far more coherent than simply posting a link to their product.

This could very well make twitter the most important social network for your business.