What’s In My Bag: Karen Lloyd, Social Media Co-ordinator

First of all, I must admit and apologise that this is a slightly edited version of, ‘What’s In My Bag’ after I spent a good while cleaning out old receipts and snickers wrappers, but here goes. So, the guys bags have mostly boasted cool tech gadgets, cameras and more importantly (how could we forget) Magnum’s spork – brilliant. But my, ‘What’s In My Bag’ will be a little more modest.


It’s probably odd that as a social media co-ordinator I have no laptop to speak of. I work soley on adomedia’s iMac and on my 32gb iPad when I’m at home, or out and about.

Due to the wonders of Evernote I needn’t carry my lump of a laptop around with me, I can now happily sit at home on my iPad easily dragging pictures into posts with no hassle. Finally, I can happily float through the internet without getting really, really hot knees – I wish someone had told me this earlier. But my main love is my Aspinal of London black leather journal, the pages are a light yellow with small horizontal lines, this is especially handy as it gives me more room to ramble.

By hand writing most of my work, this allows me to throw all of my ideas down onto the paper, and tidy up or expand on certain points when I type up the final piece. However, I’m trying to completely convert to Evernote, as it’s so helpful when creating blogs. But, as Ben talked about in his post, it’s nice to have a physical form in front of you, it’s just more comfortable somehow.

For little notes I always have my mini notepad with me, which I love. It’s easy to flick through and has a picture of a 9th Century Greek bracelet from the Thessaloniki museum in Greece with a beautiful blue bird on, which is nice and a bit more fun than the black leather book. My A4 notebook also comes in handy for longer pieces, and the radio, television and mobile phone technology combo on the front cover is cute. The notebooks that I carry around are helpful when I’m working on the move.


However, my favourite item is my dark purple and silver Cross fountain pen which writes beautifully. I am a bit of a stationary geek, (I know there are more of us out there) and it’s nice to have a quality pen that writes well without scratching up your paper, or leaking on your sandwiches before dinner.

How could I leave out the countless train and bus journeys that have been saved, due to my trusty headphones. But other than a couple of lipsticks and maybe a highlighter or two if I’m lucky, there we have it.