What’s In My Bag: Magnum Tsang, Project Co-ordinator


Be prepared for every eventuality because you never know when you’re going to see a 3D film or need a 1/74 torx bit driver. From front-end development to the office handy man, I’m a co-ordinator with a twist. You may look at the items above and think, what does he need that for? To explain this you’re going to need a bit of background otherwise it’s just a bit looney which I don’t deny it is.

– Sony Xperia Z1
– Sony Xperia Z2 Tablet
– Real3D clip on glasses
– Light My Fire Spork
– Sun Cream
– Basic First Aid Kit
– Leatherman Wave Multitool
– Leatherman bit set and bit driver
– 13ft Paracord bracelet
– Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panels
– Goal Zero Guide 10 Plus Battery Pack
– Assorted cables for Nomad 7 and Guide 10

I’m a skydiver and a commuter, I spend a lot of time on the road and in a field in the middle of nowhere waiting for British skies to turn blue. Often faced with terrible network coverage and draining batteries I’ve put together a pack that I could easily carry anywhere. A pack designed and refined over time to give me options and to keep me going in whatever I do. I carry a first aid kit for this very reason, it pretty much covers minor injury, from cuts and grazes to small wounds and suppressing a cold. If I need anything more than this I’m going to head to a doctor.

For as long as I can remember I’ve always carried a multitool of some form and the Leatherman Wave compliments the activities I do on a daily basis. I’ve embraced the fact that I’m usually the one called in to assist with a broken computer, change a light bulb or fit a new work station.

Of the time I’m awake during the week, I spend 12% of my time travelling to and from work and between drop zones. Including travel 40% of this awake time is spent away from a regular internet connection or constant power supply so my everyday carry is very much geared towards keeping me connected. Not pictured above is a 4G EE hotspot which I’ll use some weekends if I know the area I’m going to is especially patchy or the onsite wifi has heavy traffic.

I use Evernote for almost everything these days and its very reassuring to know that all my notes and important documents are synced in the cloud. In combination with Google Drive I can access all my important files and documents, share my notes or videos anywhere on any device. Having the GoalZero Nomad 7 Solar panel has allowed me to charge all my electronics from lanterns, torches and radios. It pumps out 7watts which is perfect for my phone and tablet. By just having everything charged it’s made my quest to go paperless just that much closer.

The goal of this pack has been to create options by having efficient flexibility. From the tools I use to the online services I employ, it’s all allowed me the freedom to engage in whatever activity I do.