What’s In My Bag: Scott Tyzack, Graphic Designer


– Apple MacBook Pro, 13inch, 360GB Western Digital HD
– Apple Magic Mouse
– Apple iPad 3, 32GB
– Apple iPhone 5
– Rhodia A5 Notebook & Pencil

You’re probably thinking, “Why has he got a notebook and pencil when he carries his MacBook, iPhone AND iPad with him?”. The thing is, ever since I was a kid, writing things down on a good old fashioned piece of paper with a pencil is just easier for me. I trust that piece of paper, I know that if I look after it, the lead on that paper won’t disappear. The amount of times I’ve written things down on my iPhone or iPad and forgotten to sync it with some app or upload it to the appropriate cloud storage program is unbelievable. (Sorry Steve, I’ve lost count of how many times you’ve told me to download an app that syncs all my notes to all my devices).

The rest of the contents are quite self explanatory. I’m never without my iPhone, but then again, who is? I use it as a sat-nav, storage device, messaging, photography, social media and so on. It’s safe to say it comes in more than useful, since my last phone was a BlackBerry Curve anyway! Saying that, I’ve not got any problems with BlackBerry, but I’ve found that once you go Mac, you never go back!

My MacBook Pro is up there with one of the best things I’ve ever spent money on. I went through university with a Dell Inspiron which did the job, but since I was working on Macs in my workshops I couldn’t help thinking how great it would be if I could then go home and finish working on a MacBook. When I left Leeds and came back home, the first thing I did (apart from sulking about having to enter the real world) was buy a MacBook. Soon after, I found myself having to buy the Apple Magic Mouse purely because the trackpad just doesn’t cut the mustard when using Photoshop and Illustrator.

Lastly, the iPad. It’s so good to be able to just sit and relax without having the burning fan of a laptop on your thighs and since Google released Chromecast it’s gotten even better. If you haven’t heard of Chromecast, it’s basically a device that you plug into your TV using the HDMI port. Then, using your smartphone or computer as a remote, you can stream content from apps such as Netflix and Youtube to your TV. A bargain at only £30!