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New Super-detailed 3D City Maps on Google Earth 7.0 for Mobile

It’s a fact, mobile internet is growing and it certainly isn’t going anywhere. As such, developments for mobile devices are coming thick and fast.

A few weeks ago, during the the Google I/O Keynote, it was announced that Google Earth for Android has now been updated to take full advantage of new 3D map technology. This update means that exploring a city in an interactive way is now possible in full 3D, with detailed images as small as trees and cars, all in the palm of your hand. Much like flying over a city in a helicopter, these new updates create the most realistic experience yet. Android users can head over Google Play to get the update today; iOS users will get the new maps soon.

Not content to just show you these places in full detail, Google now also offer a tour guide service allowing you to explore cities with ease and gain useful information at the same time.

“Not sure where to begin? Let the new tour guide help show you the way. We’ve put together short tours of thousands of famous places and historical sites across the globe so it’s easier than ever to discover amazing places. Just pull up the tab at the bottom of the screen to open the tour guide. Each image highlights a tours or place of interest in the area you are looking. Click on an item and you will be flown there. As you fly in and around the sites, snippets from Wikipedia provide additional information about the location. It’s like having a local expert right beside you!” – Google Lat Long Blog

Currently, there are just a few cities covered, mostly in the US (San Francisco Bay, Boulder, Boston, Charlotte, Lawrence, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Portland, San Antonio, San Diego, Santa Cruz and Tampa) with Rome being the only international hotspot. However, Google plan to roll out 3D coverage and by the end of the year they “aim to have new 3D coverage for metropolitan areas with a combined population of 300 million people”

These developments never fail to astound us, we love to watch in awe as Google show us the vast possibilities of mobile internet. Nice one Google. What’s next?

You can download the app for yourself, here.