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Google Seaview

So, we’ve all got our heads around google street view. We’ve played with it, had a good look around the planet and utilised it’s vast capabilities to their maximum effect by looking for our own houses to check if we can see our car parked outside.

But what about the rest of the planet? The undiscovered underwater world. Right now you can have a good old snoop around Australias Great Barrier Reef, without even having to squeeze into a wetsuit. Google have colaborated with the Catlin Seaview Survey, the project is a joint venture between them, the University of Queensland and their sponsor, a multinational insurance firm called the Catlin Group.

The group plan to roll this out to many other parts of the ocean, allowing us all to view and explore the mysterious depths.

Incredible, specially designed cameras for the shallow reef survey take 360 degree, geo-located panoramic images every 4-6 seconds while traveling at a speed of approximately 4km/h.

Take a demo here

Simply amazing.