London Olympics

Design London 2012

London’s Olympic games 2012 is in full swing and we have to say, we have been impressed! Who could fail to feel at least little patriotic after Danny Boyle’s wild and, in our opinion, stupendous opening ceremony?

Although we found the official branding a little, uninspiring, we have been truly astounded by other aspects of the Olympics and the designers involved.

From the award winning torch design by east London designers BarberOsgerby to that incredible Olympic cauldron designed by the fantastic Thomas Heatherwick, London 2012 has been a veritable feast for the eyes.

Heatherwick’s designs for the Velodrome are no less astounding, his signature innovation makes his inspirational work second to none.

Monica Bonvicini’s sculpture for the 2012 london olympics ‘art in the park’ programme act as a mirror for visitors and their surroundings, and at night the letters will become transparent
and glow with internal LED lighting.
Apparently work is derived from musical references such as ‘running dry’ by neil young and the velvet underground song ‘run run run’,

The games have inspired designers all over the world to come up with their own, concept designs. Here are some of our favourites (via Creative Inspiration)

We love that the games have inspired so many ideas, and so much creativity. An event that is great not only for the world of sport but for the world of design. Fantastic.