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Louis Vuitton’s Packing Tool

Have you seen the visual interactive guide to packing on the Louis Vuitton website? If not, it’s worth a look whether you are lucky enough to be jetting off or not.

Not short of a few bob, retail giants Louis Vuitton know how to spend it when it comes to online promotions. They awarded Ogilvy Interactive Paris the prestigious Global Digital Strategy account back in 2009 and their online presence has been nothing short of astounding ever since.

You can have a play with the packing tool here

Fashion and luxury brands are often at the fore when it comes to new promotional techniques and ideas. Louis Vuitton was the first luxury brand to launch an official Twitter account, as the first step in its fully integrated digital communications strategy and has reached an impressive level of more than 47,000 members to date.

Their interactive website is beautifully designed and engaging and they continue to push marketing boundaries with innovative online campaigns and ideas that keep their clients happy, and more importantly, loyal.

You don’t need LV’s budget to create your own, effective marketing strategies. Considered techniques and a willingness to explore new ideas will help you and your company move forward. Take inspiration from the giants of the industry and see what you can do to replicate their success.

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