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Apple Watch: The Discussion


Here at Adomedia we’re always interested, and at times a little over excited (Steve), when new software, hardware and technology is released. Since its official launch, there’s one item in particular which has set many pulses racing throughout the digital community, the Apple Watch. Boasting a polished single crystal of sapphire screen, an activating display as you move your wrist and fluid navigation, it’s no wonder there’s a buzz amongst the tech community.

Image via Apple.

However, after reading detailed product descriptions, researching functionality and watching Apple’s promotional video, there are many aspects of the Apple Watch which come into question.

Digital Spy launched, ‘Poll: Are you tempted to buy an Apple watch?’. Since the launch of the Apple Watch, and subsequent reviews, the statistics currently stand at Yes 32.80%, No 54.45%, and Still not sure 13.74%. This indicates more and more people are deciding whether to buy the Apple Watch based on its practicality, rather than its fashionability. Understandable, when Apple Watch prices start at a hefty $299 and waiting lists on preorders of the device may take up to 3 months.

There’s also the matter of several other competitors in the Smartwatch market, who are able to provide lower priced alternatives to the Apple Watch such as Android Wear, Motorola Moto Smartwatch and the LG G Watch R Smartwatch. However, the love of Apple products from many tech lovers runs deep, meaning many are willing to pay more for the Apple branding and technology.

It must be noted that both the technology and functionality of the Apple Watch is fantastic when compared to other brands. The tech site Mashable says it’s, “the best Smartwatch on the market”. You can read their review here.

The real question is, is the Apple watch a necessary piece of kit in the age of the smart phone? We think The Verge summed it up perfectly:

Image via Apple.

You can read The Verge’s definitive review here.

The Apple Smartwatch is available to try on via a booked appointment from April 24th 2015 in street stores.