Wes Anderson

Moonrise Kingdom Website

If like us, you are fans of Wes Anderson’s quirky style and beautiful cinematography, you will already have seen or will be vying to see the long anticipated Moonrise Kingdom. Beautifully designed and immaculately styled, the film is a wonder to behold for it’s looks alone. The fact that the emotionally charged story is superbly executed and played out by a cast of our favourite actors is simply the icing on the cake.

Dolloping more icing on our cake is the website which accompanies the film. Moonrisekingdom.com features lots of relevant information about the movie which can be sourced by scrolling your compass around the beautifully styled dynamic map.

You can learn more about the characters, take a look at some videos, read more about the story and even see some behind the scenes footage. We particularly enjoyed the set tour presented by the legend that is, Bill Murray.

The one and only negative we can find is the fact that, due to Mr Jobs hatred of Adobe Flash, the website will not work on apple devices. A small detail that we will overlook. Like the movie, it sure looks great on a big screen. www.moonrisekindom.com