A Big Year Ahead

It’s officially ‘back to work day’ across the country. We might rename it national moaning day if the general Facebook consensus is anything to go by!

Now, we don’t mean to be smug, but you won’t hear us complaining today. Yes, we partied hard at the office Christmas do, our other Christmas parties and New years eve celebrations. Yes, we ate more than our fair share of cheese and drank more than our fair share of Baileys, and although we would usually still be in our pajamas right now, we have to say, we are very happy to be back in the studio.

This year is set to be a biggie for the ADO squad and we’re more than a little excited about it! Fantastic new projects are filling our January days and we are developing inspiring new plans left, right and center.

Alex is off to London this week for a meeting regarding a very interesting proposal and we are all working flat out on our biggest project to date. We can’t tell you too much about it just yet, but watch this space! You won’t be disappointed. Last year was certainly a challenging one, with much needed changes taking place throughout the company. 2013 sees us back, streamlined, fresh and raring to go!

So, if we may be so bold as to offer you a little wisdom for national moaning day it’s this – do what you love. Work with people you like. Be passionate about your work, and wrenching yourself out of the annual Christmas slothery will never be a challenge again.

ADOmedia 2013 - Do What makes You Happy Poster

We love to help our clients achieve this feeling too. So, if you have a business that needs a little spruce up, or an exciting new project that needs a presence in print, web and advertising – give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to help.

Happy New Year everyone!