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A Big Year Ahead

It’s officially ‘back to work day’ across the country. We might rename it national moaning day if the general Facebook consensus is anything to go by!

Now, we don’t mean to be smug, but you won’t hear us complaining today. Yes, we partied hard at the office Christmas do, our other Christmas parties and New years eve celebrations. Yes, we ate more than our fair share of cheese and drank more than our fair share of Baileys, and although we would usually still be in our pajamas right now, we have to say, we are very happy to be back in the studio.

This year is set to be a biggie for the ADO squad and we’re more than a little excited about it! Fantastic new projects are filling our January days and we are developing inspiring new plans left, right and center.

Alex is off to London this week for a meeting regarding a very interesting proposal and we are all working flat out on our biggest project to date. We can’t tell you too much about it just yet, but watch this space! You won’t be disappointed. Last year was certainly a challenging one, with much needed changes taking place throughout the company. 2013 sees us back, streamlined, fresh and raring to go!

So, if we may be so bold as to offer you a little wisdom for national moaning day it’s this – do what you love. Work with people you like. Be passionate about your work, and wrenching yourself out of the annual Christmas slothery will never be a challenge again.

ADOmedia 2013 - Do What makes You Happy Poster

We love to help our clients achieve this feeling too. So, if you have a business that needs a little spruce up, or an exciting new project that needs a presence in print, web and advertising – give us a call! We’ll be more than happy to help.

Happy New Year everyone!

A Volkanic Evening…

When a person is truly enthused by what they do, it emanates. When they can articulate that enthusiasm with well-researched facts and a genuine passion, it is simply infectious.

Last night we were lucky enough to be treated to a talk by one such person, in a very intimate setting with a decent coffee and a quality Sauvignon, surrounded by a handful of like-minded creative folk. It was fantastic.

As Global Head of Business Development – Games at Research In Motion, or BlackBerry as you may know it, Volker Hirsch is used to a slightly larger stage than the floor of the Inca Café in Macclesfield, and watching him speak, you imagine that he could certainly fill it. His genuine in-depth knowledge, understanding and passion is truly inspiring, not only because of the subject matter, which was certainly an eye opener, but because of his palpable energy and conviction.

So often in this industry, it is easy to be caught up in your own work bubble, to deal only with your clients and colleagues and spend little time with the other creative, passionate and hard working people who surround you and share your line of work. It is all too easy for people offering digital services (and in all industries, I imagine) to fall into that trap of seeing your work simply as a way to make a quick buck. Get a job in, churn it out as quickly as possible for maximum profit, get paid, go home.

Last night’s meeting, and the fact that talented people, who could have been at home having made their day’s wage, came together to listen to what Volker had to share and to meet and share their own knowledge, was inspiring to say the least. Being creative is what it is all about, being passionate and genuine. Doing your absolute best with every job, not because it makes you more money, but because you love what you do and take unquestionable pride in your work. Because your work is who you are.

Later, over a few drinks, Volker talked earnestly of the importance of doing what you love, not simply for financial gain, not for recognition, but because it is the only way to truly live. Do you know what? He’s right.

Team ADO would like to say a big thank you to Volker for giving up his evening, inspiring us, and being a genuinely great chap. And to Chris @ Abstraktion, another genuinely great chap, for using his valuable time to organise the Digital Edge meet ups, getting us out of the studio and amongst like-minded and inspiring individuals who have given us a feeling of renewed vigour and excitement.

We love what we do, we take true pride in our work and we will never compromise on this. Changes happen and sometimes the proverbial dung hits the fan, but last nights meet up reminded us that we are on the right track. We are lucky to be surrounded by like minded people who just want to share their passion, who do take pride in their work and a genuine interest in yours. We will move forward, inspired, and continue to do what we love with pride and enthusiasm. Can you say this much about your work? If not, get on with it! It feels great.

ADOmedia V2

It is finally here! Drum roll please…
We decided some time ago that our trusty old website needed a bit of a refresh. Our problem was that we have been so busy helping all of our clients on their projects we kept on having to put back the launch.
The wait, however, is finally over! As you will see we have modernised the site and now have a new showcase area featuring all of our recent work (which we will be adding to frequently).
We have worked closely with Paul Stalburg at PS Imaging to create the various food / drink based photography in and around the site. Thanks Paul, the results look great!

ADOmedia V2 website screen shot

If you would like us to do the same to your tired old website please feel free to contact us on
+44(0)1625 612 198
or drop us an enquiry here.


ADOmedia has recently got a new face on the books to take care of any of our clients photography requirements in Andy Stairmand. Andy has many years commercial experience in numerous fields of the discipline and a very keen eye for detail. He has recently undertaken a couple of projects on our behalf and the results have been very impressive indeed. Here are a few of his efforts from a recent food shoot for outside caterers and great clients Vanilla In Allseasons … they are so good you could eat them!

Photography by Andy Stairmand for Vanilla in Allseasons

Jingle Bells

Christmas is fast approaching and we are in the process of winding down for our closure for the holidays on the 23rd December 2008. Our offices will re-open again on the 5th January 2009. So if you need any work completing this year then let us know as soon as possible!

Everyone in ADOmedia is busy with projects that we will be able to tell you more about in the new year… watch this space. Last week we completed the first two of a range of four adverts for our good client Collins Performance Engineering. We have done plenty of work for them including their on-line shop as well as a host of printed work. The first two adverts will be seen in the upcoming Fast Ford publication.

Projects on the board that we are working our way through this month include an online locket shop for local jewellers Don Massey, stationery development and website designs for Iron Manpower, corporate identity for a rail engineering recruitment company and a load of other jobs which we can’t mention for the time being as they are hush, hush… sorry!

Jingle Bells

One more thing, another of our clients and trusted partner we work with, Nexus IT Services’ website went live last week. Don’t look anywhere else for all your IT requirements, they are great guys who actually know their stuff.


We have been very busy over the past month and a half, hence why there has been little in the way of blogging going on in ADOtowers.

Last Thursday (23rd October) saw us pay a visit down to London to attend the Oakley Design Brief wrap party and awards ceremony. As we have mentioned in the blog (many) before our work we entered had reached the final 14. Unfortunately our moment of glory wasn’t to be with the honours going to “Who Is This Kid?”, a london based designer. Well done to him, his design was really original and in hindsight, the self branding he incorporated hit the nail on the head as far as the brief was concerned. You can see his final, winning design here.

The party was a really stonking night out, free bar and great DJ’s. We had a real laugh, met some new faces and generally had a good time all round. Thanks to Oakley and Daydream Network for putting on such a high quality show! One of the highlights of the night was attempting to get Alex home via taxi across North London as once again he had enjoyed himself too much (there was a free bar)…

Whilst we were in “The Big Smoke” we came across a postcard featuring a ficticiously branded porridge box that was designed by ADOmedia.
It is from a range of advertising that Specsavers had commisioned that was specifically aimed at students. We were appointed to create the prop by Max Oppenheim, a prominent London based photographer who was commissioned for this range of adverts. Have a peak at his website for some of his great work.

Specsavers student advert