Totally Locally – Fiver Fest

Using Twitter can have some amazing benefits. You can show everyone what you’re having for lunch, rant about the football results and even upload embarrassing videos of your friends and collegues. Every so often, it can also be used to establish valuable contacts and learn about interesting events, networks and initiatives.

One such example of this was a Twitter conversation between our director Alex and the rather brilliant folk at Totally Locally Macclesfield. The Totally Locally initiative is a fantastic scheme which is currently being rolled out across the UK, helping independent businesses up and down the country. You can find out more at their website –

Totally Locally Graphic - Town Kit

Those who take part in the development of the initiative are volunteers, and with limited resources, they rely on the support of other local businesses in the area. This is where we stepped in. Totally Locally Macclesfield needed a map and promotional flyer creating for their Fiver Fest event. We offered our design services.

Totally Locally Macclesfield Fiver Fest Flyer

Totally Locally Macclesfield Fiver Fest Flyer

A hand-made feel was requested. We added a clean design to ensure that the vast amount of information required could be displayed in a simple and easy to read format. We selected simple colours and a rustic typeface in order to achieve the homespun feel they wanted.

Totally Locally Macclesfield fiverfest front

Totally Locally Macclesfield fiverfest reverse

If you are Macclesfield based you will be likely to spot these flyers throughout the town center. Fiver Fest runs until September 15th.

Vanilla in Allseasons

Here at ADOmedia, we love to work with small businesses. We know how it feels to put all your efforts into the cultivation of your own project, and we take great pleasure in supporting these smaller companies in their early development. What we really love however, is when a small business becomes a big business. Watching our client’s companies grow and develop is immensely satisfying!

Vanilla in Allseasons is one such company. Back when we were just a two man band in a pokey office, we approached business co-owner Adam Evanson and convinced him that we were the company to assist him with his promotions. We built the first website, designed and provided the printed promotional goods.

Vanilla In Allseasons

Seven years later, Vanilla in Allseasons has now tripled in size, they’ve moved to a new larger premises and continue to develop in capabilities and popularity at a rate of knots. Their exquisite food and immaculate customer service has them firmly established as one of Cheshire’s top catering companies. They have been very busy indeed!

Vanilla In Allseasons business cards by ADOmedia Ltd

There are a few things that we love about working with Vanilla in Allseasons. The fact that they always bring homemade brownies to our meetings is certainly one of these things, another, more major reason, is that they have a good understanding of the importance and impact of a professional marketing campaign. They are willing to try new things and place emphasis on creating a stylish appearance.

We have helped them to develop a successful digital marketing campaign which continues to go from strength to strength. We are currently developing a brand new website due to launch soon. More recently, they asked us to design some new business cards for them.

Vanilla In Allseasons business cards by ADOmedia Ltd

We felt that the branding we previously developed was strong, the striking yellow and black colours have become synonymous with their company. We added new photography to the designs, focusing on separate areas of the business. We kept the design minimal, stylish and elegant – in keeping with companies reputation. We gave the cards a high quality feel with a thick (400gsm) silk stock. These were lithographically printed then matte laminated to both sides with a spot UV varnish, this gives a subtle highlight to the logo on the front.

Vanilla In Allseasons business cards by ADOmedia Ltd

These new business cards, the impending updated website, new signage for the building and the ongoing digital marketing campaign are all building blocks and hallmarks of a successful company. We are proud to say that we have been a part of Vanilla in Allseasons success. In turn, they have been a part of our success. We look forward to working with them and continuing the development of both businesses.

If you would like to hear more about our printed and digital marketing solutions, please feel free to get in touch.

Trusted Nannies

This week saw the launch of our latest website, Trusted Nannies is a unique UK business that allows professional and experienced child carers to find employment with suitable families, as well as, vice versa, allowing families to search for suitable childcare.

We developed a bespoke system which allows both parties to utilise the website to create a profile. Background and identity checks are undertaken on registration making the whole process safe, easy and secure. This unique automation effectively cuts out ‘middle man’ agencies saving the websites users a great deal of time and expense.

Trusted Nannies - Online Nanny Agency - Childcare in the United Kingdom

“Trusted Nannies is the UK’s first childcare website to only accept childcare providers who are qualified and/or experienced – we also verify all our nannies with a background check when the individual registers.

Our nannies’ safety and security is also of utmost importance, so we background check all our parents, too.

By carrying out these checks we strive to provide parents with the best childcare providers the industry has to offer, making choosing childcare that little bit easier.”
– Trusted Nannies Blog

The ADOmedia design team created a branding and style that is friendly, clean and colourful. Each page and function is easy to navigate and simple to use, with a pared down and modern feel. The simple colour coded areas of the website allows visitors and clients to quickly source required information and details.

Trusted Nannies are now able to keep their customers and potential clients up-to-date with a simple newsletter sign up function and quick links to their blog and social media feeds.

The Trusted Nannies service looks set to become extremely prominent within it’s field. The strong company image and digital tools that they now have at their disposal will allow for quick substantial growth, something we certainly predict for this fantastic new business.

DMJ Vintage

On Friday we took some time out of our busy schedules, braved the cold and headed just down the road to have a snoop at new vintage shop, Donald & Miss June. DMJ Vintage officially opened it’s doors on Saturday but we went to knock on the door for a sneaky preview (we’re a bit nosy that way).

The shop itself is small but perfectly styled with classic G-Plan furniture, Lichtenstein artwork, vintage radios, hi-fi’s, cameras, books, speakers and more, all carefully chosen and cleverly displayed.

DMJ Vintage Shop Macclesfield

DMJ Vintage Shop Macclesfield

Steve had a good old rummage and came away with a vintage camera and a wish list as long as his arm. We admired the classic pieces of furniture, debated how we could fit them in the studio and leafed through the seventies Habitat catalogs and classic design journals.

DMJ Vintage Shop Macclesfield

DMJ Vintage Shop Macclesfield

Alongside the high quality vintage finds, the shop also stocks Mathmos Lava lamps and Steepletone record players in a vast array of styles and colours. The talented Mr Lock, co-owner of the shop, can convert any vintage 8 track to play music through your ipod. Style and practicality in one unit.

DMJ is expecting lots of exciting new stock over the coming weeks. If you’re in the Cheshire area, be sure to pop in. If Steve goes missing – we’ll know where to find him!

Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again. The cold, dark nights have taken hold and Christmas is upon us. It’s almost time for us to shut down our computers, lock up the studio and head home for a well deserved break.

This week the ADOsquad have been diligently working away to ensure that all work is wrapped up and that our clients and their businesses are prepared for the festive break.

It’s been busy. We’ve worked our way through a fair few mince pies and the studio has been filled with festive music. Some of which was provided by our good friend, the Manchester based artist Kamal Arafa, who, along with some talented musician friends, has written and recorded a fantastically festive song “It’s Christmas Time Again”! We were lucky enough to be one of only 50 recipients to receive a free copy (ours was #11). You can have a listen to it here.

Kamal and Friends - It's Christmas Time Again

Kamal also designed the cover artwork. Do you like his style? He also designs t-shirts, have a look and buy one of them here via his online store. So thanks to Kamal (and said mince pies) we are feeling well and truly in the festive mood.

We will be in the studio until Friday afternoon and we will be locking the doors until our return to work on the 7th January 2013. However, Steve will be available via email ( for any problems or enquiries you may have over the holidays. But do remember, poor Steve needs a holiday too, so please keep it only to urgent enquiries where possible!

It’s been a very busy year for us, and the new year looks set to be our busiest yet! We are all looking forward to a fresh start in January when we will be rolling out some exciting new plans.

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.

Kitchen Crafts and Furniture

Kitchen Crafts and Furniture this year celebrate 40 successful years in business. A brand new website has brought them up to date.

Bespoke, quality craftsmanship is something that we love to see. In this generation of quick, cheap and ready made, a company that crafts beautiful specialist items really stands apart. Although in a less physical, and more digital sense, we like to think that our company ethos is very similar to that of Kitchen Crafts and Furniture. This fact alone made creating their brand new website an absolute joy.

Kitchen Crafts and Furniture website screenshot

As well as offering a stylish point of contact and online portfolio, the new website allows the team at Kitchen Crafts and Furniture to easily update their customers and potential clients with recent projects and promotions.

You can view the brand new website here.

Peak District Artisans site goes live

When we were approached by Peak District Artisans to create them a brand spanking new website, we jumped at the chance! Promoting creativity and local talent is something we really enjoy, so this particular project was right up our street.

Peak District Artisans, based in and around the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District in England, are some of the very best professional fine artists, designers, makers and contemporary artisans around.  The website we created for them offers each artist within the association the ability to create their own editable profile, to which they can upload their work, photographs and information, creating an ever changing online portfolio.

The news section of the site offers the group the ability to create events and news articles and promote any upcoming exhibitions. Visitors to the website are able to browse the artists alphabetically or by genre. They can also view the latest tweets from the PDA members and link to their social media networks.

We selected a fresh, pared down approach to the design with a soft colour palette created to place emphasis on the artists work and give definition to each separate category.

Peak District Artisans website screenshot

We think the final outcome looks fantastic and we have received some fantastic feedback from the Peak District Artisans.
Take a look around the site and let us know what you think at

Red Willow Online Store is Launched

Last week we launched the newest addition to the Red Willow Brewery website. Those with a taste for the finer things, such as delicious beer, really ought to take a gander.

Red Willow award winning range of bottled beers

Our e-commerce package has been implemented into the Red Willow website, allowing the superb micro brewery to sell their products online, directly to their loyal and ever expanding legion of fans.

Toby, owner and beer wizard extraordinaire takes time to create only the finest beer from quality ingredients. He doesn’t rush the process or take a quick fix approach. This means that his beers are some of the finest around. His is an ethos that we like.

Red Willow Brewery online shop screen grab

We feel that this approach is something that should be applied to everything you create, and we like to think that this shows with the Red Willow website. Toby was keen to work with us to create a website which reflected his ideals. A well designed, quality, bespoke website that offered longevity as well as representing his company in a stylish manner.

No template designs, no short term, quick fix solutions. Quality graphics from qualified designers and functional build from skilled developers. This is our company ethos and people like Toby are just our sort of client. A man with an appreciation of quality and an understanding of a good investment. The fact that he brews and sells a damn fine beer is just the icing on the cake!

Maro Developments

This week sees the launch of our latest website for Maro. Developers of fine properties both commercial and residential, the Maro team asked us to create a website and range of marketing literature which represents their stylish and diverse range of realty and assists their potential clients in perusing their range of exclusive properties.

The design team chose a striking, modern theme which, when combined with sharp photography, gives the cutting edge, upmarket feel that Maro were hoping to achieve.

Maro Developments - Property Development in The North of England

To view the brand spanking new Maro Developments website visit

A Volkanic Evening…

When a person is truly enthused by what they do, it emanates. When they can articulate that enthusiasm with well-researched facts and a genuine passion, it is simply infectious.

Last night we were lucky enough to be treated to a talk by one such person, in a very intimate setting with a decent coffee and a quality Sauvignon, surrounded by a handful of like-minded creative folk. It was fantastic.

As Global Head of Business Development – Games at Research In Motion, or BlackBerry as you may know it, Volker Hirsch is used to a slightly larger stage than the floor of the Inca Café in Macclesfield, and watching him speak, you imagine that he could certainly fill it. His genuine in-depth knowledge, understanding and passion is truly inspiring, not only because of the subject matter, which was certainly an eye opener, but because of his palpable energy and conviction.

So often in this industry, it is easy to be caught up in your own work bubble, to deal only with your clients and colleagues and spend little time with the other creative, passionate and hard working people who surround you and share your line of work. It is all too easy for people offering digital services (and in all industries, I imagine) to fall into that trap of seeing your work simply as a way to make a quick buck. Get a job in, churn it out as quickly as possible for maximum profit, get paid, go home.

Last night’s meeting, and the fact that talented people, who could have been at home having made their day’s wage, came together to listen to what Volker had to share and to meet and share their own knowledge, was inspiring to say the least. Being creative is what it is all about, being passionate and genuine. Doing your absolute best with every job, not because it makes you more money, but because you love what you do and take unquestionable pride in your work. Because your work is who you are.

Later, over a few drinks, Volker talked earnestly of the importance of doing what you love, not simply for financial gain, not for recognition, but because it is the only way to truly live. Do you know what? He’s right.

Team ADO would like to say a big thank you to Volker for giving up his evening, inspiring us, and being a genuinely great chap. And to Chris @ Abstraktion, another genuinely great chap, for using his valuable time to organise the Digital Edge meet ups, getting us out of the studio and amongst like-minded and inspiring individuals who have given us a feeling of renewed vigour and excitement.

We love what we do, we take true pride in our work and we will never compromise on this. Changes happen and sometimes the proverbial dung hits the fan, but last nights meet up reminded us that we are on the right track. We are lucky to be surrounded by like minded people who just want to share their passion, who do take pride in their work and a genuine interest in yours. We will move forward, inspired, and continue to do what we love with pride and enthusiasm. Can you say this much about your work? If not, get on with it! It feels great.


Tom and AlexWell, what can I say? It’s been a crazy old couple of weeks here at ADOmedia.

Some big changes are afoot. One of the biggest is the sad departure of company relic Mr Tom Tong. He has been here from the beginning as co-founder of the business and has put in 6 and a half years of hard graft. That means 6 and a half years of putting up with Alex’s ramblings, frosty offices, dodgy developers and hard months as well as breakthrough days, exciting changes and the big move to a slightly warmer studio.

He has made the tough decision to spread his wings and flutter off to pastures new. With a sniff, we have waved him off from the towers and would all like to wish him the very best for the future. Among other things, we will miss his grumpy little face, ultra strong brews and in depth knowledge of all things Steven Seagal. His screams of joy during breakthrough moments will no longer echo through the chambers of ADOtowers, but if you listen carefully you may just hear them from his new abode. We would like to say a big thank you for those 6 and a half years, we couldn’t have done it without you. Now go Mr Tong, onward to the big wide world beyond. But remember to pop in for an ultra strong brew from time to time.

Anyone for Beer?

Toby - Beer wizard in chief at Redwillow BreweryHere at ADOmedia we love getting involved with local businesses. We also love promoting products that we feel passionate about and so our latest website development for Redwillow Brewery was something of a dream project! A local business providing one of our favourite products, yes you guessed it, Beer!

The Redwillow micro brewery is the brainchild or potentially, as he puts it, “mid life crises” of owner and beer wizard, Toby. He loves beer even more than we do and has created a fantastic array of pale ales, porters and IPA’s in a range of flavours that even Willy Wonka himself would be proud of (had he actually existed and made beer rather that chocolate of course!) Toby chose our e-commerce and content management package which will allow him to sell his products to those who wish to stock up for home enjoyment, promote his brewery to the more discerning establishments and keep his customers up to date with his latest produce, news and events.

Redwillow Brewery web site screen grab

The new website has a pared down, clean and modern look placing emphasis on the striking bold colours and elegant design of the company logo which is displayed throughout the site in the comforting and evocative form of pump clips. Take a look here to find your nearest retailer or drinking hole stocking the delectable Redwillow ales.

Why not step out and try one (or three) for yourself and let us know what you think. It is Friday after all… enjoy!

You can view the web site at

Heaton House Events

This week sees the launch of our latest website designed and constructed for our good friends and clients, Heaton House Farm. Heaton House Farm is a picturesque wedding venue set in the heart of the Cheshire countryside (so picturesque in fact that our very own business manager Steve has chosen it for his impending nuptials!). To compliment their existing venue business they have now established a secondary company offering a fully comprehensive events co-ordination service. A one stop shop if you will. Introducing… Heaton House Events Ltd!

Taking the stress out of organising a wedding with Heaton House EventsIf you are organising a wedding or a special party, the clever folk at Heaton House Events Ltd can offer up their extensive knowledge and experience, utilising their vast array of useful contacts and expertise to help you to organise the perfect celebration. After all, organising a large event is a full time job in itself and can be rather stressful. Who wants to turn up as the star guest with chunks of hair torn out? Not a good look…

The new website however, does have a good look. ADOmedia worked with the client to create their new corporate identity. A sleek and simple logo design and elegant typeface combined with the rich, opulent colours of burgundy and turquoise offer impact and project the understated elegance and stylish image that represents Heaton House Events to a tee. They opted for a content management system which means that they can regularly update their new website with news, images and information so they can easily keep their clients and potential customers up to date with all of their exciting goings on. We predict a busy year ahead for them!

So, if you are planning a wedding or special event, take a look. Remember, it’s fresh on the web so new information is currently being added on a daily basis. If there is anything you can’t find just give them a call or drop them a line. We at ADOtowers can personally vouch that they are lovely, friendly folk who will be more than happy to help you out and answer your questions.

Heaton House Events web site screen shot

If you need a website or your existing site needs bit of a revamp then give us a bell on 01625 612 198 or email us, we’ll be happy to go over some ideas with you and help you to freshen things up a bit.

To view Heaton House Events brand spanking new website visit

Karin Sheldon

Ami, our current work placement, has already been busy in the studio. She has just produced and sent to press this cracking editorial advert for the Sep/Oct edition of Crafts Magazine – one of the UK’s largest publications for the craft industry.

Our client Karin Sheldon, an award winning silver smith and jewellery designer, approached us with a tight deadline to create the artwork and Ami got stuck into the brief.

Karin Sheldon's Craft Magazine editorial advert

The result is impressive… the client loves the final design and we are sure that it will look great in situe within the publication. Well done and big kudos points to Ami, great first piece of commercial work there and a strong addition to the portfolio!


Alex, ADOmedia’s Creative Director, got married in July to his long suffering partner Hannah! Although the weather played up for them the day went perfectly and everyone who attended had a great time! The wedding was held at Harrop Fold Farm, one of our long serving client’s venues and the food for the day was put on by Vanilla in Allseasons – another good client of ADOmedia… they come recommended! Photography, of course, comes care of Andy, our in-house snapper – great work as usual that really captured the day!

Hat themed wedding invite design by ADOmedia

We undertook the design of the wedding invites in-house – the end result was very sleek – they were printed on beautiful uncoated recycled board stock giving them an expensive feel to complement the design. The “theme” for the day was hats (an idea used due to the couples penchant for hat parties!) so the design incorporated Victorian inspired hat illustrations.

Congratulations to both of you from all the team at ADOmedia!

Here are a few shots of the happy couple for you to “ooooo” and “ahhhh” over!

The happy couple

The happy couple

About time Alex!

Cheshire Young Farmers Clubs

ADOmedia have just launched a fun and colourful website for Cheshire YFC. We were approached to create the new online presence as the federation felt that it was time for them to allow their members to be able to keep up to date with all the latest events going on in and around Cheshire in the farming community. The site also allows them to update their latest news and info from the Federation, host numerous galleries from past events, allow for Cheshire YFC to spread the word about their organistation and attract new members from around the local area.

The results have been very promising so far with numerous enquiries already coming in from interested potential new members.

You can view our latest produce here –… enjoy!

Cotesfield Farm B&B

ADOmedia have just launched the website for the newly refurbished B&B Cotesfield Farm. The beautiful working farm was recently taken over by the Morrison family and offers a warm countryside welcome to all who stay. They approached us after seeing the great work that we have undertaken in the past with 20 Albany Street and Harrop Fold Farm and the end result has been received very well by their prospective clients.

From the logo design, the external signage, the website and the printed literature and stationery, and the photography shoot ADOmedia carried out the full caboodle!

Cotesfield Farm B&B website screen shot

To view our latest offering you can visit the site here –

MCTC Events

ADOmedia have just launched the new website for Macclesfield Counselling and Training Centre. The new site focuses on the events wing of their business and allows visitors to easily view and book places on the many courses, training seminars and conferences that they organise. Using a content management system the client is easily able to create events and set multiple pricing levels and attendance limits. The end result is a very clean and easy to navigate website that the client just loves – it has drastically reduced their admin time and this allows them to get on with the work they do best!

MCTC Events website screen shot

To view the latest produce from ADOmedia visit the site here –

We have moved

Well, it has been a hectic couple of weeks for the team at ADOmedia. Not only have we got a number of juicy projects on the work board but we have recently relocated to our new studio space (about time, I hear you say!). We are now settled in and loving our new environment. As well as a purpose built, beautifully beamed studio, our new premises also boast a bright and airy conference / meeting area. Here are a few snaps to give you an idea of what it is like:

ADOmedia new studio


So, next time you are on Chestergate why not drop in and say hello? We may even make you a brew!

Our new address:
ADOmedia Ltd
12 Chestergate
SK11 6BA

Think Ambient

ADOmedia have just completed the build and launched a European multi-lingual website for Think Ambient. The brief was to use the design from the existing UK version of the site and create a content managed version with the ability to add multiple languages. Think Ambient specialise in ambient media for guerilla marketing. They have two main products that they distribute, Clings and STX.

Think Ambient European website screen shot

To find out more about their great products that literally cling and stick to any surface please visit the new website at