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What’s your official job title? And does it really matter?


Does your job title really matter? We found out that yes, it kind of does. It seems that job titles can get way out of hand if you aren’t careful. Who knows what few words to use when describing the functionality of an entire job? This is what we do everyday! It’s almost impossible to sum up everything you do in such a limited number of words, so due to this, there is a certain amount of pressure when choosing the right job title. It can be pretty frustrating attempting to get the tone of your work across without sounding self righteous, or menial.


So, are you an assistant or an executive? Are you a manager or a director? These terms are thrown around within the work place, but do they really hold that much meaning?


When the design team (yes, another generalised description – we know) decided to create some fresh business cards for Steve and the time came for the dreaded ‘job description’ insert, there was considerable room for discussion. It was then decided to take a step back and have some fun with the process!


We had a real mix up and a play around with the terms to see what we could come up with! Ben did a brilliant job here, and you can see the results below. So, yes job titles are important but if you can’t have the occasional laugh at work (or at yourself) then you aren’t doing it right. We hope you enjoy!

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Steve is our Business Development Manager here at ADOmedia and is always happy to discuss any future projects you may have in mind. Do not hesitate to get in touch with us on 01625 612198 or


Vanilla in Allseasons

Here at ADOmedia, we love to work with small businesses. We know how it feels to put all your efforts into the cultivation of your own project, and we take great pleasure in supporting these smaller companies in their early development. What we really love however, is when a small business becomes a big business. Watching our client’s companies grow and develop is immensely satisfying!

Vanilla in Allseasons is one such company. Back when we were just a two man band in a pokey office, we approached business co-owner Adam Evanson and convinced him that we were the company to assist him with his promotions. We built the first website, designed and provided the printed promotional goods.

Vanilla In Allseasons

Seven years later, Vanilla in Allseasons has now tripled in size, they’ve moved to a new larger premises and continue to develop in capabilities and popularity at a rate of knots. Their exquisite food and immaculate customer service has them firmly established as one of Cheshire’s top catering companies. They have been very busy indeed!

Vanilla In Allseasons business cards by ADOmedia Ltd

There are a few things that we love about working with Vanilla in Allseasons. The fact that they always bring homemade brownies to our meetings is certainly one of these things, another, more major reason, is that they have a good understanding of the importance and impact of a professional marketing campaign. They are willing to try new things and place emphasis on creating a stylish appearance.

We have helped them to develop a successful digital marketing campaign which continues to go from strength to strength. We are currently developing a brand new website due to launch soon. More recently, they asked us to design some new business cards for them.

Vanilla In Allseasons business cards by ADOmedia Ltd

We felt that the branding we previously developed was strong, the striking yellow and black colours have become synonymous with their company. We added new photography to the designs, focusing on separate areas of the business. We kept the design minimal, stylish and elegant – in keeping with companies reputation. We gave the cards a high quality feel with a thick (400gsm) silk stock. These were lithographically printed then matte laminated to both sides with a spot UV varnish, this gives a subtle highlight to the logo on the front.

Vanilla In Allseasons business cards by ADOmedia Ltd

These new business cards, the impending updated website, new signage for the building and the ongoing digital marketing campaign are all building blocks and hallmarks of a successful company. We are proud to say that we have been a part of Vanilla in Allseasons success. In turn, they have been a part of our success. We look forward to working with them and continuing the development of both businesses.

If you would like to hear more about our printed and digital marketing solutions, please feel free to get in touch.