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AniMates Branding & Website

AniMates is a a professional dog-walking service based in Cheshire. The newly established company offers a wide range of services including puppy and elderly dog checks, home visits and dog taxi provision. Business owner Sophie Garner approached us to create her company branding and website.

Our design team created a clean, simple and striking logo which was conceived to appeal to the young professionals of the affluent Cheshire area. This design offers a modern feel which translates across a range of promotional mediums, from printed literature and stationary through to uniforms, vehicle livery and the company website.

AniMates Logo and Branding

As well as a lover of dogs, Sophie is a keen horsewoman. Her equestrian colours are black and pink, and she asked us to incorporate them within the company logo.

AniMates Logo Design by ADOmedia

The AniMates website needed to be simple and easy to navigate, to appeal to Sophie’s potential clients who span a variety of age groups.

AniMates website design by ADOmedia

We developed a fresh and modern design with a focus on clean scrolling imagery and clearly labelled information.

AniMates Website design by ADOmedia

You can view the full website at

Brewtique Branding

We love a good branding exercise, and it goes without saying that we love a good beer. We also love local, independent business – you could say this job was right up our street. Quite literally in fact, the Brewtique store will be just around the corner from our studio.

Brewtique is a stylish new shop opening right here in Cheshire, specialising in artisan bottled beers.

Brewtique Logo Design by ADOmedia

We took a classic approach utilising slab serif typography reminiscent of 1930’s prohibition America, an era of artisan techniques. If you wanted a beer, you made it yourself!

Brewtique Logo Design by ADOmedia

We added a modern touch with sharp graphics and bold colours.

Shop Front Signage Design by ADOmedia

Brewtique is set to open later this summer.

Renewable Energy Agency

In order to develop a comprehensive campaign for our clients, we like to fully understand their business. This means we get to learn about all manner of industries, some more complex than others.

Renewable Energy Agency offered us a challenge, the clean technology markets are certainly not something that any of our team had researched before. But hey, we enjoy tackling new tasks and relished the opportunity to better understand this fascinating and rapidly expanding market.

When Deepak Sareen – co-owner of Mayfair based REA – contacted us to discuss his requirements, our interests were immediately piqued. A full branding exercise to compliment a shiny new print and digital campaign. Just the sort of thing we love to get our teeth into!

A Simple and Creative Identity

Our creative team developed a stylish and understated corporate identity which effectively represents the clean and continuous benefits of renewable energy. We selected fresh natural colours to compliment the infinity symbol, which we hope speaks for itself, an ongoing source of energy. This simple and understated branding runs throughout the company’s printed literature, from business cards to letterheads, and is carefully utilised throughout the new website.

Renewable Energy Agency corporate branding by ADOmedia

A Modern, Stylish and Easy to Use Website

Our digital team provided REA with a bespoke, editable website that allows them to update their news feed with relevant stories and articles. Here they can add images and company news with ease. This allows them to keep their customers, associates and potential clients up-to-date. It also allows them to keep their web presence fresh and ever-changing.

Renewable Energy Agency responsive website screenshot

The website also benefits from a responsive design that adapts to browser size and an additional mobile device template so that REA’s potential customers can find out about their services at any time, even when they are on the move.

Renewable Energy Agency responsive website on iPad

Web Friendly Copy

Our marketing department provided thorough research and search engine friendly content to populate the new website. This gives the site a professional and considered feel. You can take a look at the website here.

Has this article inspired you to give your branding a boost? Need a new website or digital marketing services? We can help! We offer solutions for all of your marketing requirements, both printed and digital. Please feel free to contact us, we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas.

Vanilla in Allseasons

Here at ADOmedia, we love to work with small businesses. We know how it feels to put all your efforts into the cultivation of your own project, and we take great pleasure in supporting these smaller companies in their early development. What we really love however, is when a small business becomes a big business. Watching our client’s companies grow and develop is immensely satisfying!

Vanilla in Allseasons is one such company. Back when we were just a two man band in a pokey office, we approached business co-owner Adam Evanson and convinced him that we were the company to assist him with his promotions. We built the first website, designed and provided the printed promotional goods.

Vanilla In Allseasons

Seven years later, Vanilla in Allseasons has now tripled in size, they’ve moved to a new larger premises and continue to develop in capabilities and popularity at a rate of knots. Their exquisite food and immaculate customer service has them firmly established as one of Cheshire’s top catering companies. They have been very busy indeed!

Vanilla In Allseasons business cards by ADOmedia Ltd

There are a few things that we love about working with Vanilla in Allseasons. The fact that they always bring homemade brownies to our meetings is certainly one of these things, another, more major reason, is that they have a good understanding of the importance and impact of a professional marketing campaign. They are willing to try new things and place emphasis on creating a stylish appearance.

We have helped them to develop a successful digital marketing campaign which continues to go from strength to strength. We are currently developing a brand new website due to launch soon. More recently, they asked us to design some new business cards for them.

Vanilla In Allseasons business cards by ADOmedia Ltd

We felt that the branding we previously developed was strong, the striking yellow and black colours have become synonymous with their company. We added new photography to the designs, focusing on separate areas of the business. We kept the design minimal, stylish and elegant – in keeping with companies reputation. We gave the cards a high quality feel with a thick (400gsm) silk stock. These were lithographically printed then matte laminated to both sides with a spot UV varnish, this gives a subtle highlight to the logo on the front.

Vanilla In Allseasons business cards by ADOmedia Ltd

These new business cards, the impending updated website, new signage for the building and the ongoing digital marketing campaign are all building blocks and hallmarks of a successful company. We are proud to say that we have been a part of Vanilla in Allseasons success. In turn, they have been a part of our success. We look forward to working with them and continuing the development of both businesses.

If you would like to hear more about our printed and digital marketing solutions, please feel free to get in touch.

Kitchen Crafts and Furniture

Kitchen Crafts and Furniture this year celebrate 40 successful years in business. A brand new website has brought them up to date.

Bespoke, quality craftsmanship is something that we love to see. In this generation of quick, cheap and ready made, a company that crafts beautiful specialist items really stands apart. Although in a less physical, and more digital sense, we like to think that our company ethos is very similar to that of Kitchen Crafts and Furniture. This fact alone made creating their brand new website an absolute joy.

Kitchen Crafts and Furniture website screenshot

As well as offering a stylish point of contact and online portfolio, the new website allows the team at Kitchen Crafts and Furniture to easily update their customers and potential clients with recent projects and promotions.

You can view the brand new website here.

Pass Your Test Fast

Our most recent project took us back. Back to the days when the freedom of driving seemed like a distant dream. Of course, many years have passed since then, but we haven’t forgotten the long winded, painful challenge that is learning to drive.

Pass Your Test Fast does exactly what it says on the tin. Those looking to find the best possible driving tuition to help them get motoring in a realistic yet succinct time frame should take a look.

We created a website to allow the Pass Your Test Fast team to not only promote their comprehensive range of services but also to allow their clients to peruse prices and book their course online.

Pass Your Test Fast website screenshot

We researched, devised and sourced their domain name, developed their new logo and branding and built a website which looks great across all devices. This is perfect for their younger target demographic, who tend to browse on mobile phones and devices.

This market, like many others, is likely to respond well to a social media marketing campaign. We have set the company up with a brand new Facebook page and Twitter feed which can be updated with all of their latest company news, events and information and direct potential clients to their website.

Pass Your Test Fast branding

For the design, we selected a bold red colour and iconic logo that is punchy, memorable and effective across their printed literature and vehicle livery designs.

Take a look around the new website here.

If you are looking for a website to promote your business, give us a call. From simple, well designed promotional pages to full membership systems, online payment facilities, group forums, e-commerce platforms and fully editable systems, we can offer the complete package and find the best possible solution for your company.

Branding for New York Museum of Art & Design

As a smaller business, we feel that it is of great importance to look to larger and long established agencies for inspiration. A company we have long admired is legendary design consultancy, Pentagram. This incredible agency consistently create work which is fresh, diverse and forward thinking.

A great case in point is this identity created for New Yorks Museum of Art & Design. After relocating to the iconic building, no. 2 Columbus Circle following an extensive redesign, the museum decided that a new image was required.

Pentagram faced a challenging brief to create an identity which is punchy and compelling, yet versatile enough to be used across all mediums from print, web and packaging, to bags, t-shirts and paraphernalia, on the sides of buses, on street banners, in print ads and in the subways.

Of course, pentagram rose to challenge with serious style, developing a logo which perfectly represented the iconic New York building and it’s new resident.

Not content with designing this superb logo, they also developed an entire typeface to use with it on all promotional items. Entitled MAD face, the new typeface can be seen throughout the museums new ID.

Although this project is not a new one, it is certainly a timeless one. This project is inspiring not only for our designers, but for our clients and business owners of all capacities. It is sometimes difficult to make a move from your established branding, but it can also be a move that, when executed well, can really pay off. Clinging on to tired old branding can be damaging. It is often a business owners apprehension that a new company look or branding will lose faith from established customers. We feel however, that if your new branding is done well, it can only be a great thing.

Hows your branding looking? feeling inspired to take on a fresh new look? Why not give us a call? We will be happy to advise you.

Clever Advertising

In everyday life, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements. From the minute we open our eyes in the morning we are surrounded by branding. As such, we have all developed techniques to block out aggressive marketing and subconsciously ignore anything that does not instantly appeal.

Clever agencies have realised that it takes more than a flashy print ad or billboard to catch our cynical eyes and capture our ever diminishing attention. It takes a lot to impress us these days and campaigns lacking in innovation no longer cut the mustard.

The most astute marketing agencies have devised campaigns which utilise our surroundings in ingenious ways to amuse and inspire us. This is the key to earning our valuable attention. Here is a selection of our favourite recent examples-


Alex, ADOmedia’s Creative Director, got married in July to his long suffering partner Hannah! Although the weather played up for them the day went perfectly and everyone who attended had a great time! The wedding was held at Harrop Fold Farm, one of our long serving client’s venues and the food for the day was put on by Vanilla in Allseasons – another good client of ADOmedia… they come recommended! Photography, of course, comes care of Andy, our in-house snapper – great work as usual that really captured the day!

Hat themed wedding invite design by ADOmedia

We undertook the design of the wedding invites in-house – the end result was very sleek – they were printed on beautiful uncoated recycled board stock giving them an expensive feel to complement the design. The “theme” for the day was hats (an idea used due to the couples penchant for hat parties!) so the design incorporated Victorian inspired hat illustrations.

Congratulations to both of you from all the team at ADOmedia!

Here are a few shots of the happy couple for you to “ooooo” and “ahhhh” over!

The happy couple

The happy couple

About time Alex!

Cheshire Young Farmers Clubs

ADOmedia have just launched a fun and colourful website for Cheshire YFC. We were approached to create the new online presence as the federation felt that it was time for them to allow their members to be able to keep up to date with all the latest events going on in and around Cheshire in the farming community. The site also allows them to update their latest news and info from the Federation, host numerous galleries from past events, allow for Cheshire YFC to spread the word about their organistation and attract new members from around the local area.

The results have been very promising so far with numerous enquiries already coming in from interested potential new members.

You can view our latest produce here –… enjoy!

Cotesfield Farm B&B

ADOmedia have just launched the website for the newly refurbished B&B Cotesfield Farm. The beautiful working farm was recently taken over by the Morrison family and offers a warm countryside welcome to all who stay. They approached us after seeing the great work that we have undertaken in the past with 20 Albany Street and Harrop Fold Farm and the end result has been received very well by their prospective clients.

From the logo design, the external signage, the website and the printed literature and stationery, and the photography shoot ADOmedia carried out the full caboodle!

Cotesfield Farm B&B website screen shot

To view our latest offering you can visit the site here –

MCTC Events

ADOmedia have just launched the new website for Macclesfield Counselling and Training Centre. The new site focuses on the events wing of their business and allows visitors to easily view and book places on the many courses, training seminars and conferences that they organise. Using a content management system the client is easily able to create events and set multiple pricing levels and attendance limits. The end result is a very clean and easy to navigate website that the client just loves – it has drastically reduced their admin time and this allows them to get on with the work they do best!

MCTC Events website screen shot

To view the latest produce from ADOmedia visit the site here –

Macc Music

It’s finally here! After a few months of development ADOmedia have finally launched Macc Music. The aim of the website is to allow the local community of Macclesfield to be able to see what is going on on the gigging front, view and write reviews of acts they have seen and generally keep up to date with all the happenings on the music scene. With no bias towards any particular genre we hope that the site will become the areas number one portal for the music community, and, best of all – it is FREE to use!

Macc Music website screen shot

You can view the site here – Remember, we need all of your help to really make this work! Start adding your own gig listings, reviews and classified adverts now!

AJ Boon Butchers

A.J Boon Butchers of Chelford is a long established, quality butchers offering a massive range of the best locally sourced meat and dairy produce in the area. Late last year ADOmedia was approached by the business to create a fully editable website that would allow for new customers to find out about their great products. We have just launched the website in conjunction with the design and print of a flyer that has been distributed locally.

AJ Boon Butchers website screen shot

To view our latest project please visit

20 Albany Street Edinburgh

ADOmedia have recently launched the website for a new boutique bed and breakfast situated in the heart of Edinburgh’s New town. 20 Albany Street is a newly refurbished luxury accommodation just off Princes Street which is situated “slap bang” in the middle of Edinburgh. Offering 3 grand suites and a first class, unrivalled hospitality. We can’t think of a better place to stay whilst visiting Scotland’s first city.

20 Albany Street website screen shot

To see the website we created please visit


ADOmedia were recently approached by Age Concern Cheshire and C.C.I.L (Cheshire Centre for Independent living) to produce an easy to navigate and use on-line PA register for the North West of England. The project consisted of a lot of bespoke coding to produce a site with a built in communication platform that allows the PA’s and the registered employers to send messages in a secure method to each other’s accounts
within the site.

North West Personal Assistant Register for Age UK and CCIL website screen shot

You can view the website here –

Magnex Exhausts

ADOmedia recently won a great pitch to build the e-commerce website for Magnex Exhausts, the largest manufacturer and distributor of stainless steel exhausts in Europe. Following a large website build (and a lot of late nights and strong coffee) we are proud to announce the launch of Magnex Exhausts European On-line Shop!

Magnex Exhausts wesite screen shot

To see the site for yourself go to

Bespoke Housekeeping print work

ADOmedia have been recently been working with Bespoke Housekeeping, a start up business offering an entirely new concept in tailored household concierge. They can offer everything from cleaning services to home cooking, through to floral decoration and even wine and spirits (which is very handy after a long days work)! As a new venture the directors of the business needed to gain exposure via the internet and through a variety of printed material. ADOmedia have created a range of literature including luxurious mailers, stationary, pop up stands and a web presence.

Bespoke Housekeeping flyer

Bespoke Housekeeping flyer

If you are in need of someone to look after your home affairs while you work and play then look no further than

Leah’s Pantry

ADOmedia is pleased to tell you about the arrival of, the new website for Leah Stevenson. The Pantry is based in Harrop Fold Farm, Rainow, the only 5 star bed and breakfast in the North West of England! Leah holds regular cookery demonstrations at her Pantry including cupcake courses and demo and dine courses. Using only locally sourced produce to create the best in home cooking she will guide you from start to finish in the arts of creating delicious recipes which you can take home with you.

Leah's Pantry website screen shot

Have a look at to find out more about her brilliant courses and be sure to join her mailing list to keep up to date with all the latest news and offers. Everyone at ADOmedia can tell you she makes the best cupcakes you will have ever tasted… and if anyone wishes to prove us wrong our address is as follows:

12 Chestergate
SK11 6BX
United Kingdom

We can’t wait to eat more free cake!

DV8 Bar

ADOmedia have created the branding, literature and signage for Congleton’s latest drinking establishment DV8 Bar! Team DV8 have had a great start to business seeing their bar full to the brim every weekend since it’s grand opening two weeks ago. If you haven’t already paid it a visit we suggest you get yourself down there. Don’t forget to try the fantastic range of cocktails Team DV8 can produce, we like the old fashioned sours, they are great… taxi for ADOmedia!

DV8 Bar corporate identity

DV8 Bar printed literature

DV8 FunkySessions flyer

Keep an eye out for their new web site which will be arriving soon, another ADOmedia project that we are currently working on in the studio. There is a holding page in place now, why not go to it and join the mailing list to keep up to date with all their latest news at

Rock at the Moss

Following on from the success of last years Blues At The Blues festival Macclesfield Town F.C. have decided to run an ongoing series of live music events under the umbrella branding of Rock At The Moss. ADOmedia won the pitch to develop the branding and have since designed the main logo and all the subsequent poster designs. With well known bands such as the fantastic Virginmarys and Black Bart already booked to play the events are going to be a superb night out for anyone with an interest in live music. I have a feeling you will probably see us down there having a head bang!

Rock At The Moss logo