Changes are Afoot

ADOmedia is on the cusp of entering it’s 9th year in business. It’s been an incredible decade for everyone involved and the whole team in ADOtowers should be proud of what has been achieved. Going from a tiny start up in 2005/6 to the creative force it has become today has been a roller coaster of a ride, and a very fun one at that!

Following recent developments in my personal life I have taken the decision to hand over the reins of the company and move on to new challenges. I feel a fresh start is what I need for myself and am already looking at a very exciting prospect that will, no doubt, push me and allow me to grow as a person. Although it has been one of the hardest decisions I have ever had to make I know in my heart that it is the right one.

ADOmedia will continue to offer and provide the same quality service to all of its clients whilst continuing to grow and develop as it has done since its founding. I want to say a big thank you to all of you, past and present, whether a team member, client or supplier – without you all this incredible part of my life would never have been realised. I wish you all the best and to the ADOsquad – I will always pop into the studio for a brew and a chat when I am nearby so make sure the kettle is charged!

Here’s to the future, here’s to ADOmedia.

Trusted Nannies

This week saw the launch of our latest website, Trusted Nannies is a unique UK business that allows professional and experienced child carers to find employment with suitable families, as well as, vice versa, allowing families to search for suitable childcare.

We developed a bespoke system which allows both parties to utilise the website to create a profile. Background and identity checks are undertaken on registration making the whole process safe, easy and secure. This unique automation effectively cuts out ‘middle man’ agencies saving the websites users a great deal of time and expense.

Trusted Nannies - Online Nanny Agency - Childcare in the United Kingdom

“Trusted Nannies is the UK’s first childcare website to only accept childcare providers who are qualified and/or experienced – we also verify all our nannies with a background check when the individual registers.

Our nannies’ safety and security is also of utmost importance, so we background check all our parents, too.

By carrying out these checks we strive to provide parents with the best childcare providers the industry has to offer, making choosing childcare that little bit easier.”
– Trusted Nannies Blog

The ADOmedia design team created a branding and style that is friendly, clean and colourful. Each page and function is easy to navigate and simple to use, with a pared down and modern feel. The simple colour coded areas of the website allows visitors and clients to quickly source required information and details.

Trusted Nannies are now able to keep their customers and potential clients up-to-date with a simple newsletter sign up function and quick links to their blog and social media feeds.

The Trusted Nannies service looks set to become extremely prominent within it’s field. The strong company image and digital tools that they now have at their disposal will allow for quick substantial growth, something we certainly predict for this fantastic new business.

Merry Christmas

It’s that time of year again. The cold, dark nights have taken hold and Christmas is upon us. It’s almost time for us to shut down our computers, lock up the studio and head home for a well deserved break.

This week the ADOsquad have been diligently working away to ensure that all work is wrapped up and that our clients and their businesses are prepared for the festive break.

It’s been busy. We’ve worked our way through a fair few mince pies and the studio has been filled with festive music. Some of which was provided by our good friend, the Manchester based artist Kamal Arafa, who, along with some talented musician friends, has written and recorded a fantastically festive song “It’s Christmas Time Again”! We were lucky enough to be one of only 50 recipients to receive a free copy (ours was #11). You can have a listen to it here.

Kamal and Friends - It's Christmas Time Again

Kamal also designed the cover artwork. Do you like his style? He also designs t-shirts, have a look and buy one of them here via his online store. So thanks to Kamal (and said mince pies) we are feeling well and truly in the festive mood.

We will be in the studio until Friday afternoon and we will be locking the doors until our return to work on the 7th January 2013. However, Steve will be available via email ( for any problems or enquiries you may have over the holidays. But do remember, poor Steve needs a holiday too, so please keep it only to urgent enquiries where possible!

It’s been a very busy year for us, and the new year looks set to be our busiest yet! We are all looking forward to a fresh start in January when we will be rolling out some exciting new plans.

We would like to wish you all a very merry Christmas and a fantastic new year.

Peak District Artisans site goes live

When we were approached by Peak District Artisans to create them a brand spanking new website, we jumped at the chance! Promoting creativity and local talent is something we really enjoy, so this particular project was right up our street.

Peak District Artisans, based in and around the beautiful Derbyshire Peak District in England, are some of the very best professional fine artists, designers, makers and contemporary artisans around.  The website we created for them offers each artist within the association the ability to create their own editable profile, to which they can upload their work, photographs and information, creating an ever changing online portfolio.

The news section of the site offers the group the ability to create events and news articles and promote any upcoming exhibitions. Visitors to the website are able to browse the artists alphabetically or by genre. They can also view the latest tweets from the PDA members and link to their social media networks.

We selected a fresh, pared down approach to the design with a soft colour palette created to place emphasis on the artists work and give definition to each separate category.

Peak District Artisans website screenshot

We think the final outcome looks fantastic and we have received some fantastic feedback from the Peak District Artisans.
Take a look around the site and let us know what you think at

ADOsquad Team Member Focus – Scott Tyzack

A few years ago, just a mere whipper snapper, Scott Tyzack joined us for a weeks work experience.

Back then we were just a two man band in a tiny office with a kitchen that smelled a bit like feet. Scott did a grand job and we were sad to see him go as he made his way back to Leeds to complete his studies.

Two years later, he has returned to us! a little older, a little wiser and complete with a degree in multimedia technology. He has been working very hard in our now slightly bigger studio, with a slightly fresher kitchen and slightly larger team – The ADOsquad as we like to refer to ourselves (it makes us feel good)

Making his way as a junior designer, Scott has taken to the role with aplomb and we are starting to wonder what we did without him.

We decided to make the most of his time here today and badger him to answer a few questions for the blog. Here are the results…

Q. So Scott, what made you want to be a designer?

A. Well, I took the course at Leeds Met because I’ve always loved computers, but I was never really interested in the technical side of them. I was always more focused on the internet and the visual aspects of how websites looked and performed.

Q. OK, so what inspires you visually?

A. Typography. Anytime I see a really cool piece of typographical design, I wonder how I could use that idea and work it into something else. 

Some of Scott’s typography inspired poster designs

Q. Would you say that is part of your research process?

A. hmmm yeah. My design process usually includes a bit of research on the web, then when I have found my inspiration I like to just get stuck in and try out every idea I came across until I find one that I feel works the best.

I always try to get some feedback from a number of different people to see what their thoughts are. There are always plenty of people in the studio happy to give their opinion!

Scott designed our new avatar, you may have seen it dotted about on our social pages

Q. Best things in life?

A. Budweiser, my mac book pro, festivals and my girlfriend, Sammie. – (all together now, Ahhhh)

Q. Now you’ve joined the ranks of the working masses, what do you miss the most about student life?

A. It’s got to be the drinking (typical student) The Macclesfield nightlife just doesn’t cut the mustard in comparison to Leeds.

Q. Ah yes, the drinking. It’s no wonder you fit in so well here. What are your favourite things about working in ADO towers?

Great people, great working atmosphere and the fact that I’ve got no travel expenses (cheers mum!)

Q. And the worst?

The stairs, so many stairs!

A website banner design for First & Only Airsoft

Well, we hope you have enjoyed today’s little insight in to the world of ADOmedia. Our squadron members love what they do (despite the stairs) and that’s what keeps us all going. We love fresh perspectives, innovation and creativity. Our team is growing and our capabilities are expanding.

Keep checking the blog and social pages for more updates about our team, our work and what we are getting up to. If you are looking for a work placement, get in touch. Like Scott, you might just be able to become an honorary ADOsquad member.

Red Willow Online Store is Launched

Last week we launched the newest addition to the Red Willow Brewery website. Those with a taste for the finer things, such as delicious beer, really ought to take a gander.

Red Willow award winning range of bottled beers

Our e-commerce package has been implemented into the Red Willow website, allowing the superb micro brewery to sell their products online, directly to their loyal and ever expanding legion of fans.

Toby, owner and beer wizard extraordinaire takes time to create only the finest beer from quality ingredients. He doesn’t rush the process or take a quick fix approach. This means that his beers are some of the finest around. His is an ethos that we like.

Red Willow Brewery online shop screen grab

We feel that this approach is something that should be applied to everything you create, and we like to think that this shows with the Red Willow website. Toby was keen to work with us to create a website which reflected his ideals. A well designed, quality, bespoke website that offered longevity as well as representing his company in a stylish manner.

No template designs, no short term, quick fix solutions. Quality graphics from qualified designers and functional build from skilled developers. This is our company ethos and people like Toby are just our sort of client. A man with an appreciation of quality and an understanding of a good investment. The fact that he brews and sells a damn fine beer is just the icing on the cake!


Tom and AlexWell, what can I say? It’s been a crazy old couple of weeks here at ADOmedia.

Some big changes are afoot. One of the biggest is the sad departure of company relic Mr Tom Tong. He has been here from the beginning as co-founder of the business and has put in 6 and a half years of hard graft. That means 6 and a half years of putting up with Alex’s ramblings, frosty offices, dodgy developers and hard months as well as breakthrough days, exciting changes and the big move to a slightly warmer studio.

He has made the tough decision to spread his wings and flutter off to pastures new. With a sniff, we have waved him off from the towers and would all like to wish him the very best for the future. Among other things, we will miss his grumpy little face, ultra strong brews and in depth knowledge of all things Steven Seagal. His screams of joy during breakthrough moments will no longer echo through the chambers of ADOtowers, but if you listen carefully you may just hear them from his new abode. We would like to say a big thank you for those 6 and a half years, we couldn’t have done it without you. Now go Mr Tong, onward to the big wide world beyond. But remember to pop in for an ultra strong brew from time to time.

Happy New Year

Well here we are, 2012 already and the first blog of the year. I don’t know about you but I for one was pretty sure we would be in the future by now, you know, hover boards, silver suits and the like. Still, certain aspects of those futuristic movies from childhood are very much upon us and here at ADOtowers, we love getting to know all about them and how to utilise them for our clients and ourselves. This year looks set to be another great one and we have some very interesting projects and exciting developments lined up. We will of course divulge more details and keep you up to date with our futuristic new plans over the coming weeks (we like to keep you on your toes y’know).

The future?To kick off the new year we also have a brand spanking new member of the team. Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Mr Steve Taylor! our fresh faced new recruit and ADOmedia’s very own business development manager. He’s settling in very well at the towers, making himself at home and helping us to take care of our clients, new and existing. We can’t have the standards slipping now can we? So please be friendly and if you see him about the towers just give him a little wave.

So no silver suits as yet I’m afraid but the new year is a great excuse to have a fresh start. Like almost everyone else, here at ADOmedia we are thinking about clearing out the cupboards, chucking out those old Christmas biscuits and replacing them with something fresher. We’re limbering up, dusting down and generally trying to get a bit better looking, healthier and more productive for the new year. But enough about our beauty routines, we are also taking a fresh approach to business.

Many potential clients and customers will be looking to shake things up a bit and get things moving. Are you ready for it? Why not take a look at your own marketing campaign? If your web presence is looking a little ‘last year’ or your web marketing campaign has been pushed to the back of the cupboard, give us a bell. We are happy to help out with new ideas and we are always available to offer advice on your next step.

Now really is the time to get things moving. Be it updating your existing web site for a something a little racier, a little more “twenty twelve” or putting your back into promoting your existing website, pushing it up the search engines and building your client base, we are, as always, here to help.

Why not give us a call, say hi to Steve and get things moving? Lets see what we can do this year…

Christmas Shutdown

Following a fantastic year of business at ADOtowers the team are being treated to a well deserved break! Therefore we will be closing the studio over the Christmas period from 22nd December until 5th January 2012.

On behalf of everyone at ADOmedia I would like to thank each and every one of our loyal clients and suppliers. Your help and support really means a lot and we hope to work with you all again next year!

Have a fantastic Christmas and see you soon.


Alex, ADOmedia’s Creative Director, got married in July to his long suffering partner Hannah! Although the weather played up for them the day went perfectly and everyone who attended had a great time! The wedding was held at Harrop Fold Farm, one of our long serving client’s venues and the food for the day was put on by Vanilla in Allseasons – another good client of ADOmedia… they come recommended! Photography, of course, comes care of Andy, our in-house snapper – great work as usual that really captured the day!

Hat themed wedding invite design by ADOmedia

We undertook the design of the wedding invites in-house – the end result was very sleek – they were printed on beautiful uncoated recycled board stock giving them an expensive feel to complement the design. The “theme” for the day was hats (an idea used due to the couples penchant for hat parties!) so the design incorporated Victorian inspired hat illustrations.

Congratulations to both of you from all the team at ADOmedia!

Here are a few shots of the happy couple for you to “ooooo” and “ahhhh” over!

The happy couple

The happy couple

About time Alex!

Cheshire Young Farmers Clubs

ADOmedia have just launched a fun and colourful website for Cheshire YFC. We were approached to create the new online presence as the federation felt that it was time for them to allow their members to be able to keep up to date with all the latest events going on in and around Cheshire in the farming community. The site also allows them to update their latest news and info from the Federation, host numerous galleries from past events, allow for Cheshire YFC to spread the word about their organistation and attract new members from around the local area.

The results have been very promising so far with numerous enquiries already coming in from interested potential new members.

You can view our latest produce here –… enjoy!

Cotesfield Farm B&B

ADOmedia have just launched the website for the newly refurbished B&B Cotesfield Farm. The beautiful working farm was recently taken over by the Morrison family and offers a warm countryside welcome to all who stay. They approached us after seeing the great work that we have undertaken in the past with 20 Albany Street and Harrop Fold Farm and the end result has been received very well by their prospective clients.

From the logo design, the external signage, the website and the printed literature and stationery, and the photography shoot ADOmedia carried out the full caboodle!

Cotesfield Farm B&B website screen shot

To view our latest offering you can visit the site here –

MCTC Events

ADOmedia have just launched the new website for Macclesfield Counselling and Training Centre. The new site focuses on the events wing of their business and allows visitors to easily view and book places on the many courses, training seminars and conferences that they organise. Using a content management system the client is easily able to create events and set multiple pricing levels and attendance limits. The end result is a very clean and easy to navigate website that the client just loves – it has drastically reduced their admin time and this allows them to get on with the work they do best!

MCTC Events website screen shot

To view the latest produce from ADOmedia visit the site here –

Bathrooms and More Store

ADOmedia have just launched a brand new e-commerce website selling all manner of home furniture but with a particular focus on bathroom units. Bathrooms and More Store is packed full of fantastic ceramic, stone and solid oak goodies that will brighten up any home! The end result is a clean and very easy to navigate online shop.

Bathrooms and More Store website screen shot

To view ADOmedia’s latest website here –

PowerPlay Golf

ADOmedia, working in conjunction with ABK Performance Sports Ltd, have just designed, built and launched the massive new website for PowerPlay Golf®. The site went live yesterday at 2.00pm sharp with a live stream of a video conference introducing PowerPlay Golf® to the world stage… hosted by non other than Peter McEvoy, Colin Montgomerie and Paul Casey (they are pretty famous golfers to the uninitiated)!

PowerPlay Golf® is a 9-hole format in which golfers choose to aim for one of two flags on the green – a White Flag and a Black (‘PowerPlay’) Flag. Players have limited PowerPlays, and score extra points for net birdies or better when playing to the Black (or ‘PowerPlay’) Flag, thereby creating extra pressure. On the PowerPlay Golf® web site golfers can register to earn PowerPlay Dollars, enabling them to climb the PPG World Rankings and compete in user-generated PowerPlay Golf® Leagues both locally and around the world. PowerPlay Golf’s format is ideal for TV, creating a complete golf tournament in under three hours. Broadcasters can televise golf in a more compressed time-frame, and increase golfing TV audiences.

So, all good news for golfers everywhere!

Powerplay Golf® website screen shot

You can view the PowerPlay Golf® website here –


ADOmedia have just launched the brilliant new website for London based DJ duo and promoters krankbrother. Having attended a number of their parties over the last year it was a honour to be asked to get involved with the project… they really do throw brilliantly original nights! The guys play a mix of Berlin-esque deep house and techno and have a ever growing roster of unbelievable big names from the scene playing sets at each party: Ivan Smaghhe, Dyed Soundorom, Lee Curtiss, Nic Fanciulli, Italoboyz, Namito and Martin Landsky are just a few that spring to mind!

The site design follows their musical style – minimal and low fi! The end result is a visually appealing site with ultra slick navigation and a limited colour palette to bring the full attention of the viewer to the event flyers.

krankbrother website screen grab

To view the brand, spanking new krankbrother we site please visit

We have moved

Well, it has been a hectic couple of weeks for the team at ADOmedia. Not only have we got a number of juicy projects on the work board but we have recently relocated to our new studio space (about time, I hear you say!). We are now settled in and loving our new environment. As well as a purpose built, beautifully beamed studio, our new premises also boast a bright and airy conference / meeting area. Here are a few snaps to give you an idea of what it is like:

ADOmedia new studio


So, next time you are on Chestergate why not drop in and say hello? We may even make you a brew!

Our new address:
ADOmedia Ltd
12 Chestergate
SK11 6BA

Bodyguard for hire

A lot of talk is taking place across the net regarding a new web page for an iPad and iPhone app called “Ben the Bodyguard”. Little is known about the app as the developers are playing things very close to their chests other than it is an encryption tool for your contacts and photos. However, what the app does is not what the hype is about – the hype is regarding another superb example of what can be done with HTML5. Another nail in the coffin for flash perhaps? All we know is we agree with the hype regarding the web page. Click on the link below and take Ben for a stroll now!

Ben the Bodyguard

Visit Ben’s world by clicking here.

Macc Music

It’s finally here! After a few months of development ADOmedia have finally launched Macc Music. The aim of the website is to allow the local community of Macclesfield to be able to see what is going on on the gigging front, view and write reviews of acts they have seen and generally keep up to date with all the happenings on the music scene. With no bias towards any particular genre we hope that the site will become the areas number one portal for the music community, and, best of all – it is FREE to use!

Macc Music website screen shot

You can view the site here – Remember, we need all of your help to really make this work! Start adding your own gig listings, reviews and classified adverts now!

Ever wanted to be Superman

Well now you can have X-Ray vision too with some graphical trickery in Adobe Photoshop. Create some amazing images of even mundane items using some great techniques in Photoshop which any skill level can attain, including beginners. Get to your kitchen and slice that banana open and have a go yourself. Only your imagination can limit the possibilities of this new X-Ray vision.

For instruction on how to achieve these effects, please click here


Google’s beginners guide to the web

Twenty years ago this month, Tim Berners-Lee published his proposal for the World Wide Web. Twenty years later Google have decided to produce an online book called “20 Things I Learned About The Web”. This informative and entertaining electronic book covers topics as general as “What is the Internet” to more in depth subjects like “Plug-ins”, “IP addresses & DNS” and “Evolving to a Faster Web”. Head on over to take a look at it’s interesting concept of simplistic design fused with easy to understand technical content.

Google's Beginners Guide To The Web

Take a view of Google’s guide here.

Good times

It’s been one of those months for one of ADOmedia’s team! Alex (or “lucky sod”) as he is becoming known has had a coup d’état on Facebook not once, but twice, in two weeks!

Firstly, he won a competition via the Facebook “like” page for Teacups and Fairycakes to receive… yes, you guessed it… 6 cupcakes! They were delivered to his door the other day and they tasted amazing (especially the Black Forest variants pictured)! Thanks Annie. Then secondly, he only went and won another Facebook competition for a free inside and out valet from local car washing company Cheshire Auto Shine! The guys turned up in their van at the car park at work and cleaned the living daylights out of his car. They did a tremendous job and now have a new regular client. To say he is rather smug about this is a bit of an understatement!

Free stuff from Facebook

It is so great to see local businesses using the free resource of Facebook to promote themselves. using competitions and promotions aimed at your “likers” (previously fans) you can really increase your exposure, add to your client base and increase traffic to your web site. So it is a big well done to both businesses. Alex will now also be entering every competition he ever comes across!

You can view Teacups and Fairycakes web site here –
To view Cheshire Auto Shine’s web site please go here –

Norbury Farm

Norbury Farm is a working farm based in Hazel Grove. ADOmedia was approached by the owners to create a new website that would be able to reflect the farm’s diversity with the ability to focus on the four areas of the premises.

As well as rearing their own sheep and cattle (over 80 acres of green belt land) the farm boasts a café, a gift shop which sells a wide range of items from artificial flowers, cards, ceramics and lots more and a butchers. In addition to this Norbury Farm also has an antiques restorers. The photography on the website was also carried out by ADOmedia’s resident photographer Andy Stairmand, if you need shoots undertaking please let us know here. The end result has been well received and we are chuffed to bits with the outcome of the project!

Norbury Farm website screen shot

You can view the website we have created for Norbury Farm here –