More Clever Advertising…

You know when something horrific happens, and you don’t want to look, but you can’t take your eyes off it? Well, why not play on that aspect of human nature to advertise your product? That is exactly what Radio 2 in New Zealand managed to do with this hilarious billboard campaign…


Clever Advertising

In everyday life, we are constantly bombarded with advertisements. From the minute we open our eyes in the morning we are surrounded by branding. As such, we have all developed techniques to block out aggressive marketing and subconsciously ignore anything that does not instantly appeal.

Clever agencies have realised that it takes more than a flashy print ad or billboard to catch our cynical eyes and capture our ever diminishing attention. It takes a lot to impress us these days and campaigns lacking in innovation no longer cut the mustard.

The most astute marketing agencies have devised campaigns which utilise our surroundings in ingenious ways to amuse and inspire us. This is the key to earning our valuable attention. Here is a selection of our favourite recent examples-

The vehicle livery

Does your business have a van or other vehicle that is used to transport and deliver your products on a regular basis? If the answer is a yes then you should look into getting your branding and a call to action emblazoned onto it.
How else would you get / afford to have a free billboard roaming your locality clearly displaying your businesses brand and contact details? In short, having a vehicle livery is the most cost effective means of advertising that is available.

Here at ADOmedia we have many years experience in this field. Call us today if you want to find out more about how we can help you get a vehicle livery applied to your van, car or motorbike on 01625 612 198. At the end of the day, like all advertising, only a well thought out application will get you the sales off the back of it. A poor vehicle livery will merely put people off your products or services!

Here is a recent job we have carried out for Vanilla In Allseasons Outside Caterers vehicle livery jobs that ADOmedia have undertaken:

Vanilla in Allseasons van