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Saville Row Protest

Students take note, THIS is how you organise a protest. No need for riots and throwing things around, how uncouth! Simply dust off your finest attire, organise some decent, well designed signage and gather enmasse for a jolly old get together. Don’t forget to politely ask the press to come along and take a few pictures for the morning papers.

Last week, London’s most satirical folk spruced up their facial hair, dusted off their monocles and donned their finest to take to the city’s famous, Savile Row. The Row is the home of bespoke English tailoring, famed for supplying the worlds most beautifully crafted suits and with a distinguished history spanning the decades.

The small, immaculately presented group decided to take a stand against American retail giant, Abercrombie & Fitch who are proposing to open a children’s store on the aristocratic street. The dapper protesters feel strongly that this area should remain as the home of bespoke tailoring, not mass produced casual wear.

Do you know what? we think they are right. Keep up the good work chaps and chapettes! Certain things, such as fine British design, craftsmanship and heritage, should most certainly be preserved! What What?