Saul Bass

Saul Bass

“Design is just thinking made visual” – This famous quote from Saul Bass has been drummed into design students for years now. His design ethos was simple and stylish, just like his work.

Today, Google has marked the birthday of Saul Bass with a fantastic doodle. We felt that this, and the work of this great designer should not go unmentioned.

Google Doodle for Saul Bass

Our design team – along with with anyone who has a smidge of interest in graphic design, art or illustration – are big fans of his work. So today, in our own homage to Mr Bass, we have compiled just a few of our favourite pieces for you to admire.

Saul Bass Book Cover Illustration - Prayer for the 70's

Saul Bass Movie Poster - Anatomy of a Murder

Saul Bass Book Cover Design

Saul Bass Poster Design - Such Good Friends

As you can see, his work was varied and intelligent. It looks so simple yet is hard to recreate – just the way great design ought to be.

Saul Bass in his Studio

“There is nothing glamorous in what I do. I’m a working man. Perhaps I’m luckier than most in that I receive considerable satisfaction from doing useful work which I, and sometimes others, think is good.” -Saul Bass

James Bond Artwork

James Bond vintage book cover re-edition artwork

In our book, you can’t beat a bit of classic, vintage inspired design. These James Bond reissues (above) released last month have been designed by publisher Random House’s in-house team to emulate the style of design genius, Saul Bass.

Moonraker reissued James Bond book cover design.

Goldfinger reissued James Bond book cover design

Thunderball reissued James Bond book cover design

We love the fantastic, iconic style of these designs. The use of typography and composition gives instant appeal. However, we have to say, our real favourites are Michael Gillette’s designs for the covers of Penguin’s Bond novels. These were originally released to celebrate the centenary of Ian Fleming’s birth in 2008.

James Bond vintage book cover print

James Bond vintage book cover print

James Bond vintage book cover print

Which is your favourite?