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Saul Bass

“Design is just thinking made visual” – This famous quote from Saul Bass has been drummed into design students for years now. His design ethos was simple and stylish, just like his work.

Today, Google has marked the birthday of Saul Bass with a fantastic doodle. We felt that this, and the work of this great designer should not go unmentioned.

Google Doodle for Saul Bass

Our design team – along with with anyone who has a smidge of interest in graphic design, art or illustration – are big fans of his work. So today, in our own homage to Mr Bass, we have compiled just a few of our favourite pieces for you to admire.

Saul Bass Book Cover Illustration - Prayer for the 70's

Saul Bass Movie Poster - Anatomy of a Murder

Saul Bass Book Cover Design

Saul Bass Poster Design - Such Good Friends

As you can see, his work was varied and intelligent. It looks so simple yet is hard to recreate – just the way great design ought to be.

Saul Bass in his Studio

“There is nothing glamorous in what I do. I’m a working man. Perhaps I’m luckier than most in that I receive considerable satisfaction from doing useful work which I, and sometimes others, think is good.” -Saul Bass

London Underground Artwork

You may have noticed Google’s fantastic home page today, celebrating 150 years of the London Underground.

Over those 150 years, the iconic underground transport system has developed a stylish global identity through posters and design. Today we take a look at some of our favourites.

London underground poster - It is Warmer Down Below; by Austin Cooper, 1924

It is Warmer Down Below by Austin Cooper, 1924

London Underground Tube Repairs Poster

London Underground Tube Repairs Poster

London Underground poster for London Zoo

London Underground poster for London Zoo

Vintage London Underground Poster

One Every 90 seconds; Vintage London Underground Poster

'Speed' Vintage London Underground Poster

‘Speed’ Vintage London Underground Poster

'Go By Underground'1930's London Underground Poster by Edward McKnight

Go By Underground; London Underground Poster, Edward McKnight, 1930’s

London's Power Underground Vintage Poster

London’s Power Underground Vintage Poster

London Underground Poster from 1925 - Summer Sales

London Underground Poster from 1925 – Summer Sales

London Underground poster Tate Gallery by Tube; by David Booth, 1986

Tate Gallery by Tube; by David Booth, 1986

London underground poster - Keep Warm Travel Underground; by Kathleen Stenning, 1925

Keep Warm Travel Underground; by Kathleen Stenning, 1925

Nordik Music Days Festival Poster

We have been admiring these fantastic posters for the Nordik Music days festival which is to be held in Stockholm this year. The understated colour palette combined with simple imagery and sharp geometric shapes perfectly encapsulates the sort of cool and understated Scandinavian design that we just can’t resist.

The website design follows beautifully, take a look here for more.

Design by A Perfect World, Stockholm.

Brunel University Poster

Recently, we were approached by London university, Brunel. They asked us to create a new poster to be used throughout their campus. We are proud to say that we are now official suppliers to the prestigious university and really enjoyed this exciting project.

Whether you have lived and studied in London or not, you may well have heard of Brunel. Speed demon Usain Bolt gave them a mention and thanked them for their support during his interview with the BBC, shortly after his amazing Olympic relay performance. Novelist and journalist Will Self has recently joined them as Professor of Contemporary Thought. In short Brunel is a world class university.

Brunel Universtity Business School ISEing poster design by ADOmedia Ltd

Their new building has been a huge project for them, we decided to feature this in the new poster design. We also incorporated sharp lines and the university colours to create a poster which is eye catching, timeless and informative.

You can take a look at more of our print work in our showcase

Poster Design by Scott Tyzack

Recently we have been lucky enough to work on some great design projects, one of our favourites – poster design.

Poster design gives us an opportunity to get really creative and we love it. ADOsquad member Scott has been busy designing this fantastic poster to promote a festival in his home town of Bollington.

We love the understated, industrial feel and minimal use of colour and texture. A really effective piece, let us know if you see it around!

We have a few more to share with you, keep an eye out for those in the next few weeks.

Alternative Olympic Designs

Now, we never like to be negative about others design work (unless of course, it is truly terrible!) but we have to say that the branding for this years Olympics is something we find… less than inspiring. However, we have found some alternative artwork which is fantastic. Sadly, this won’t be in official use for the games but that won’t stop us from admiring it.

This Bauhaus inspired minimalist poster by Stuart Watson is stylish, eye-catching and inspiring. We love the bold colours and geometric shapes.

This pictogram style poster by Brent Couchman also encompasses a minimalist style and crisp understated colours.

But our real favourites are these clean and classic poster designs by University College Falmouth student, Alan Clarke. Fantastic.

Designers take note, less is often more. Olympic organisers take note, however many millions you paid for that branding: you could have got it better, and cheaper, from a student.

Minimalist Poster Design

These fantastic hyper-minimalist poster designs depict classic children’s stories. These beautiful designs prove that sometimes, the most understated graphic elements can offer the maximum impact. We love the way the designer of these posters have selected small elements within the classic tales to communicate their message. Clever stuff.

These posters are available for purchase here.

Poster Boy

Here at ADOmedia, we love a good poster design. This sort of work offers an opportunity to get really creative with colour, typeface, photography and graphics, something our designers just love to do! With much of our time dedicated to more corporate projects and designs for the web, we don’t often get a chance to get stuck into more artistic print work, and many companies today favour a more digital approach to promotions.

However, great poster design will never lose it’s impact. Here are a few examples to prove it…

Are you looking to promote a product or event? We love to get artistic and can offer a range of print services from flyers to posters. Go on, give us something really juicy! Take a look around the website to see some examples.