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Alternative Olympic Designs

Now, we never like to be negative about others design work (unless of course, it is truly terrible!) but we have to say that the branding for this years Olympics is something we find… less than inspiring. However, we have found some alternative artwork which is fantastic. Sadly, this won’t be in official use for the games but that won’t stop us from admiring it.

This Bauhaus inspired minimalist poster by Stuart Watson is stylish, eye-catching and inspiring. We love the bold colours and geometric shapes.

This pictogram style poster by Brent Couchman also encompasses a minimalist style and crisp understated colours.

But our real favourites are these clean and classic poster designs by University College Falmouth student, Alan Clarke. Fantastic.

Designers take note, less is often more. Olympic organisers take note, however many millions you paid for that branding: you could have got it better, and cheaper, from a student.

Minimalist Poster Design

These fantastic hyper-minimalist poster designs depict classic children’s stories. These beautiful designs prove that sometimes, the most understated graphic elements can offer the maximum impact. We love the way the designer of these posters have selected small elements within the classic tales to communicate their message. Clever stuff.

These posters are available for purchase here.

Illustrate Your Point…

With the big bad world of web often dominated by corporate sites and business based ideas, the art side of ‘art and design’ is not often something we get to indulge in. Don’t get me wrong, we appreciate the benefits of design software. Its an imperative tool that we utilise every day to quickly develop ideas and bring concepts to life for our clients.

The benefits of these digital tools are astounding, but every now and again, we like to remind ourselves of what we love about design. Not just sharp lines and bold graphic shapes, but flowing illustration, messy paints, screen prints and and hand crafted ideas.

Here is a selection of some of our favourite finds this week…

1.Moebius (Jean Giraud) 2. Julia Pott 3.charleskinbote 4. Rola Chang 5.Rubens 6.unknown

Thomas Heatherwick Designs

The business of creativity runs through the blood of designer, Thomas Heatherwick. His grandmother established Marks and Spencer’s first textile studio, his aunt, Claire Tomalin is an esteemed biographer, his mother is a collector and dealer of fine beads and his father studied at the Royal College of Music.

After studying at the Royal college of Art, he caught the eye of design legend, Terrence Conran who describes him as the ‘Leonardo da Vinci of our times’. Conran assisted him in his final degree project by lending him the garden of his Berkshire home, Barton Court. This successful project and the backing of the great design mogul understandably generated a great deal of interest and new business for Heatherwick. The rest, as they say, is history. Heatherwick has been the recipient of the Prince Philip Designers Prize and the London Design Medal, and in 2004 became the youngest practitioner to be appointed a Royal Designer for Industry.

Heatherwick studio has some serious design kudos and their visionary projects are breathtaking to say the least. A showcase of these projects will be exhibited at the V&A between 31st May and 30th September. May will be a busy month for the talented Mr Heatherwick who will also be releasing a new book, simply titled, Making.

“At the heart of his Studio’s practice is a profound commitment to elegant, integrated design solutions and the absolute dedication to materials, research, prototyping, industrial collaboration, tactility, texture – and above all, extraordinary form-making”

We will most definitely be heading down London way to enjoy the exhibition and to be inspired by the wonder of his incredible range of projects, from the spinning chair to the Seed Cathedral.

Take a look here for more information.

Manchester Civil Justice Centre

Here at ADOmedia, we really love a bit of innovative design. From art to architecture, we can’t get enough! We often spend time gazing, slack jawed upwards at the amazing buildings that we encounter on our travels.

One such building lies smack bang in the heart of our fine city of Manchester. The Civil Justice centre is the largest court building to be built in the UK since the Royal Courts of Justice. The working courts and offices are expressed as rectilinear forms, articulated at each floor level.

We are always expecting these large jutting blocks to move around, they look as if they should slide into place to suit the movements of the sun. Unfortunately, they don’t. However, the building remains as a fantastic architectural feature of the city and yet another great source of design inspiration.

Poster Boy

Here at ADOmedia, we love a good poster design. This sort of work offers an opportunity to get really creative with colour, typeface, photography and graphics, something our designers just love to do! With much of our time dedicated to more corporate projects and designs for the web, we don’t often get a chance to get stuck into more artistic print work, and many companies today favour a more digital approach to promotions.

However, great poster design will never lose it’s impact. Here are a few examples to prove it…

Are you looking to promote a product or event? We love to get artistic and can offer a range of print services from flyers to posters. Go on, give us something really juicy! Take a look around the website to see some examples.

Nice Package

Yesterday we took a look at some ingenious marketing campaigns and how advertisers are pushing the boundaries to catch our attention. But advertising alone won’t sell your product, packaging design also plays a huge role.

If you have a product which is stocked in a large outlet and sits shoulder to shoulder with a hundred competitors, getting it noticed can be a challenge. Once again, ingenious design will set it apart. We are suckers for a decent bit of packaging and have been known to purchase unnecessary items simply for the beautiful design work!

Here is a small selection of some of our recent favourites…


You may have noticed that infographics are suddenly everywhere. Far from simply being a useful way to illustrate information, they can also be great examples of beautiful design work. Here is a small selection of some of the best we have found…