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Corporate ID Design for Monsieur Appert

We just love this beautiful identity design by Diogo Nascimento & Mariano Pascual for traditional preserved fruit and vegetables business, Monsieur Appert.

“Monsieur Appert, a preserved fruit and vegetables business with a French spirit that works with the tradition of the natural method and pays homage to the figure of the cook who has discovered the formula for preserving food: Nicolas Appert”

We think the design duo have really nailed this one. Beautiful vintage illustration combined with the bold, modern typeface and sharp, minimalist logo offer impact and timeless style.

Paintbrush Packaging

Here at ADOtowers we love a bit of facial plummage. We also love nice bit of clever packaging design. So this design by Poilu is right up our street.

After all, why does packaging need to be boring? We would be far more inclined to select these brilliantly designed packages off the shelves of B&Q…

But they don’t just look funny, oh no. They are practical too. According to Poilu –

“This humoristic packaging offers the function of assembling two products (two paintbrushes) together with only one cardboard printed on both sides. One paintbrush is a big one and the other is a small one for finishing touches. Once it’s folded, the package has two utilities: 1. Protecting paintbrushes when he is shipped. 2. Supporting the paintbrushes when it’s full of paint. Each paintbrushes has been named and linked to a size number to identify them”

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Jubilee Packaging Design

If you’re anything like us, you will be so over the Jubilee by now. Yes, we all enjoyed the bonus days off and that warm fuzzy feeling of national pride. But now we’re back at work and facing the horrible realization that those boozy bonus days have left us with a backlog of work to catch up on. Call us grumpy, but if we see another plastic union jack whipping around against the soggy grey sky, we may have to rip it down.

Retailers well and truly cashed in on the Jubilee celebrations, covering everything in sight with flags, crowns and our dear old Queens face. Whilst many of them are brash and obvious, some retailers really struck the right note. It positively warmed the cockles of our hearts when we laid our peepers on Kellogg’s limited edition vintage packaging during a weary trudge around Sainsburys.

Using authentic Kellogg’s drawings dating back to the 1950s when the Queen ascended the throne, boxes will be on sale for a limited time only from 22 April 2012 to 25 June 2012. The boxes include the first Coco the monkey design and original Snap, Crackle and Pop characters, with Corn Flakes and Frosties also getting a makeover. We think they are a vast improvement on the current designs.

Other brands have also offered up some stylish Jubilee inspired packaging. Good old Marks & Spencer used the classic illustration of artist Phil Hankinson to create some fantastic packaging design for their cakes and biscuits.

Other brands utilizing a classic vintage style include Kleenex, Cadburys and of course, that timeless and truly British institution, Fortnum & Mason –

Far from the brash and cheesy designs many companies chose to adopt, these brands have saved the day. They have made the most of the occasion by selecting a distinguished approach, classic illustration and timeless design for their Jubilee promotions. Classic British style from flagship brands. Gawd bless em’.

Nice Package

Yesterday we took a look at some ingenious marketing campaigns and how advertisers are pushing the boundaries to catch our attention. But advertising alone won’t sell your product, packaging design also plays a huge role.

If you have a product which is stocked in a large outlet and sits shoulder to shoulder with a hundred competitors, getting it noticed can be a challenge. Once again, ingenious design will set it apart. We are suckers for a decent bit of packaging and have been known to purchase unnecessary items simply for the beautiful design work!

Here is a small selection of some of our recent favourites…