Is your website getting the right results?

It is now well understood by almost all business owners that a website is no longer just an option, but a necessity. From a simple contact page to a full blown e-commerce shop, whether you are a local butchers or a blue chip corporation, no question about it, having a web presence (and a decent one at that) is absolutely imperative.

However, what is not always understood is how to drive the relevant clients towards that website. Now we do understand that not everyone is as interested in these things as the geek squad here at ADOtowers, but let me put it this way, would you open a shop in the middle of nowhere and then sit back and hope that the right people found it? You could be selling the finest, juiciest produce known to man but if you didn’t put any signs up to point people towards it then who would know? Its just bad business. The same goes for your website. Cyberspace is a big old place and without the right advertising how on earth are your customers and potential clients going to find you?

It’s a complicated old business pushing your way past your competition and getting your website where it needs to be. It requires a lot of work and know-how and can be a bit daunting but hey, don’t panic… we can help. After several queries from our clients about getting their shiny new websites up the search engines, we decided to clear out the west wing of ADOtowers and set up a brand spanking new department solely dedicated to SEO (that’s search engine optimisation to those of you who don’t speak geek). We have done our homework and called in the experts… and, as with all of our services, we are absolutely confident in offering the very best optimisation around. No rock bottom priced cowboy packages or unrealistic empty promises, just good quality, well researched, effective marketing.

We have devised three different packages aimed at marketing your website through various channels. We can guide you step by step through all the best ways to begin your web marketing campaign and set realistic goals and time frames. We will help you to devise the best strategy for your business and manage your promotions to achieve the results you want.

Your website is probably your most powerful marketing tool and we are here to help you utilise it! The right website combined with the most effective web marketing campaign can truly take your business to the next level. The potential to contact the world and tell them what you can offer is something that businesses are still in the relatively early stages of grasping. Get your business in on that action and see what you can do. The web is your oyster.

For more information, please take a look here. Alternatively if you would like pop in for a chat and find out a bit more about it, we will be more than happy to explain it to you in more detail. Just give us a bell on 01625 612 198.

As a small business ourselves, we know how hard it is out there. We are passionate about providing our clients with the best possible services to help them succeed. Why not let us help your business get where you want it to be?