Nom Kitchen

Nom Kitchen is a new food blog which we have recently launched for Alex’s fiancée Hannah. As a keen cook Hannah has built up large number of great recipes that she has amassed over the years. The problem was that with so many to remember there were bound to be a few that slipped the memory net and were consigned to history.

Therefore, ADOmedia helped her create this tasty (no pun intended!) little website so that all her yummy recipes could be documented. The site is controlled by a content management system and allows her to easily add and update her posts with ease. The blog is full of simple to make, delicious home cooked recipes with photos to help the less confident chefs out there plus a lot more! Why not have a read and give it a go… go on, you know you really do fancy yourself as the next Ramsay / Lawson!

Nom kitchen blog website screen shot

View the Nom Kitchen food blog here –

Graphic novel comes to life

Max Oppenheim, a London based photographer, was recently commissioned to create a series of recreations of the terrifying “yearbook photos” found in Charles Burns’ teen-sex-horror graphic novel Black Hole for 125 magazine. Working in conjunction with prosthetics artist Bill Turpin he has created these monstrous shots… we think they are ace! If you haven’t already the graphic novel we suggest you get your hands on it as soon as you can.

Max Oppenheim's Black Hole shoot - a homeage to the famous Charles Burns dark graphic novel

See the full series by visiting Max’s site here –