Night Engine – Manchester Apollo

Our friends and clients Night Engine have experienced what could be described as a meteoric rise in popularity. In just a year and a half together they have garnered attention from many a large and influential publication and have received glowing reviews from even the most hardened music journos.

Here in ADOtowers, we have desk danced to their recordings on several occasions. When they told us that their latest tour supporting the Kaiser Chiefs would see them playing in our home city of Manchester, we jumped at the chance to see them live.

Night Engine

Collecting our complimentary tickets from the box office, we realised that the Night Engine boys had kindly arranged seats for us in the posh section in the upper tiers. There was something that felt quite bizarre about sitting in theater seats whilst watching a gig. No hustle and bustle amongst a sweaty crowd, no elbowing our way to the front. Instead, plush cushioned seats and icy chilled beer; as is the way on the upper floors of the Manchester Apollo.

Still relatively new on the scene, stepping out on the grand stage at the Apollo and their largest gig to date, must have been somewhat daunting. Away from their usual London crowd and met by thousands of quizzical northern Kaiser Chief fans, there must have been a few trembling knees. However, if they were nervous, it certainly didn’t show.

As the bright glowing spotlights brought the stage to life, and the impatient, silent crowd stared, Night Engine strode confidently onto the stage to take their places. The lead singer, Phil, cuts a dashing form with slicked back red hair, dark braces, smart shirt and wide tailored trousers. The look is pure Eighties gold, as is their infectious sound.

Thumping beats, classic synth and funky bass make up a sound that is simply irresistible. Those velvet seats saw many bouncing rear, and a peep over the balcony revealed that even those hardened Mancunian Kaiser fans couldn’t resist a bit of a toe tap.

If you love the music of Talking Heads, Bowie and Roxy Music then this fantastic four piece should be right up your street. We thoroughly enjoyed their fantastic set. We always love to see our clients do well in their line of business, but viewing such tangible success from a comfortable velvet vantage point really put the icing on our cake!

Night Engine at The Manchester Apollo

You can find out more about Night Engine at their website and you can listen to their music right here. Put on your dancing shoes and turn it up loud.

Fancy A Brew?

How do you take yours? your music that is. If the answer is up beat, fresh, edgy and fun, then four piece band, Brew Ha! Ha! is well worth a listen, and a look.

The East London based, new wave rock and rollers, offer up some serious beats and distorted, funky guitar riffs infused with a subtle hint of Bowie and just a dash of Talking Heads. The studio has been buzzing with their sounds while we worked with the guys to create a website and branding which accurately reflects their unique sound and convivial style which has been coined ‘Brute Pop’.

Brew Ha! Ha! official website

Playing on their trademark hard hitting and brutal sound which is intertwined with organic, retro guitar work, we sourced an image of one of the infamous Yugoslavian communist monuments, which, when combined with a super modern typeface and vivid bold colours, injects some serious punch and eye-catching style to their brand. The website offers instant access to their 3 freshly mastered EP tracks and a point of contact for fans and promoters to get in touch with the band, or sign up to their mailing list for their latest news and dates.

We think the finished result makes some serious impact, which is exactly what we predict Brew Ha! Ha! will be doing to the music industry this year.

Take a look at their new website here and wrap your ears around their featured tunes. What do you think folks? Let us know.